Cat groomers? What to look out for in a good one.

I am still having big issues with Delilah, my long-haired Diva and matting. I have been trying to comb the mats out, but she won't let me. They're getting worse each day. Because I nipped her once with scissors, she runs away as soon as I pick them up. I'm in the process of looking for a cat groomer. However, I've heard that because cats can claw and bite, lots of groomers sedate cats before grooming them and the owner is never the wiser. What kinds of questions should I ask when I call the salon? What should I be on the lookout for? Does anyone recommend a "lion cut" for Delilah? I don't want to do that to her, but I know mats can cause big skin problems. Thanks!

Asked by Delilah on Feb 13th 2008 Tagged longhairedcats, matting, choosingagroomer in Professional Grooming
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Mysty (The Princess)

From Skuya (no pic yet),
There is a product I could recommend that Meowmie got at Petsmart. It is a Conairpet Palm-pro Micro Trimmer, (actually for dogs, humph). It is $15-19. she says. You can view/also order at , click on trimmers, the one on the right.
It fits in the palm of her hand, (Meowmie thinks she's hiding it, funny Meowmie!). Really we're O.K. with it because it doesn't nick us and is quiet.
The groomer at Petsmart recommended it to her. Me and others here have med. to long fur and get mats behind our ears, on our legs and back periodically.
It does jam up with fur occas.,(especially if used on wet fur after a bath). She tests it with new batteries. If it doesn't run, she knows it jammed. It's not hard to fix. There are two screws she undoes (and we try to bat off the table!). She lays the two pieces of the head out in the way they'll go back and wipes out the fur with a damp paper towel, then oils well. It comes with oil, have to apply after use.

Mysty (The Princess) answered on Feb 16th.

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Mysty (The Princess)

I know around here you can get some groomers who will come to your house. That means you can keep an eye on things. If you can't find that I would just call and ask what they do -a please describe step by step sort of thing. Ask if you can watch, as for the cut-anything that makes it easier to keep the matts away sounds good.

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