Cat being really aggressive towards other cat.

I have 3 cats, Iris, Gypsy and Xena. I got all 3 when they were just kittens, Iris and Gypsy are siblings. They're all about 18 months old. They've never had problems up until recently, when Gypsy got lethargic and wasn't eating/drinking. Iris began hissing really loudly at Gypsy, like she never has before, other than on rare occasions at the dog, after she would hiss she would just lay down and wait at that spot watching Gypsy or she would run away. I took Gypsy to the vet and they said she had a bug so i got medications for her and now she's doing a lot better, but Iris is still being really aggressive. I tried the scent technique by rubbing their scents onto eachother. Iris is still acting the same. Xena is acting normal towards Gypsy, and Iris is even sometimes, but very very rarely, being aggressive towards Xena. Neither Gypsy or Xena are aggressive back.

Asked by Member 1156324 on Feb 21st 2013 in Aggression
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Joey (In Memory)

All three need a checkup. I know Gypsy was the one not feeling well - but it's possible and it sounds like this starts with Iris. Start with the vet. Then watch their interactions and see if you can see what is setting them off - if there is a trigger. It could be something outside the house, some stressor that is upsetting the balance. I will be honest - cats that once got along can fall out - and not become friends again. We experienced this recently with my sisters cats - one of whom is chronically ill. It happens - but if you can calm them all down and reduce the stressors - you can probably resolve this. Get a checkup - keep a journal - find the trigger – give them all love and reassurance. Good luck.

Joey (In Memory) answered on 2/21/13. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer