Can you help me identify my new kitten's breed(s)?

This is Pele a 10 week old snugglufagus! We just adopted her from a local non profit, and she's such a doll. I'm asking about this only out of curiosity, not because I have some sort of attachment to a particular breed. The bone structure of her face is quite different from most kitties I've seen. She has really beautiful blue lynx point markings and a cute fluffy coat that sticks out at all angles (no matter how much we groom her :). Her coat and markings look himalayan-esque to me, but the yellow on her nose might suggest some calico influence. Then there's the narrow facial structure too. Any thoughts? Thanks for your input!
Here's an album:

Asked by Member 1082457 on Jan 6th 2012 Tagged breed, identify, himalayan, bluelynxpoint, cute in Kittens
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I would say that she is Himalayan mix, Ragdoll mix, or something of the like. Himalayans are Siamese mixed with Persians (I believe) so the long face could just be breeding. Calico is not a breed, but a color, and Siamese (and other color point cats) come in "calico point". You have on your hands a BEAUTIFUL kitten, and are lucky to have each other. Thanks for adopting this precious face; isn't it sad to think that little kittens like this face an uncertain future in shelters every day!

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