Can my cat get used to living indoors?

My cat has been living outdoors, but she┬┤s getting to a point in which she prefers to be outdoors than indoors with us. We decided to leave her indoors from now on, but we live in a big house, and don't want to keep all the doors closed forever, and never be able to open them again. So I wanted to know if we let her indoors for a while, let's say 4 months (can be more or less, just hypothesising), will she get used to it, and if we open the doors after this period of time, will she not run away and stay indoors with us?

Asked by Pimpolha on May 20th 2012 Tagged cat, cats, run, away, flee, house, in, out, indoors, outdoors, door, doors, behavior, training, method, month, months, time, train, training in Methods of Training
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It is my experience that cats do not like the transition. She will always remember what the outdoors is and will try to get out if she sees a door ajar. She can however acclimate to the indoors if she has enough stimulation and exercise. It is a good idea to bring her inside, but you should stay on high alert when exiting and entering. I had a cat run away after this kind of transition, he hated it inside. Maybe screen/storm doors are an option for you to keep your doors 'open'.

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