Can I feed my cat straight meat?

Since a cat is a strict carnivore, can I just feed her nothing but meat?

Asked by Member 1101859 on Mar 23rd 2012 in Pet Food
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While cats are more carnivorous than dogs, they do get some greens in the wild from the stomach contents of their prey, and of course if you've ever seen an indoor cat presented with a patch of fresh wheat grass of catnip leaves you know they aren't "strictly" meat-eating. In addition to needing a little vegetation here and there, they also have some particular nutrition needs, like extra taurine, that may make a diet of randomly selected human meats nutritionally incomplete. Some people do endeavor to feed a diet of mostly raw meats but to do so requires a great deal of determination and careful monitoring. If you wish to take on that challenge it's best to do it under the supervision of a vet who is on board with a mostly meat diet and can help ensure your cat is getting everything they need and nothing they really shouldn't be eating.

Cali answered on 3/23/12. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 2 Report this answer


Your kitty may think he's muffasa, but he is lucky not to be. A balanced diet can be provided by premium cat foods such as science diet, jams and many others. Unless you can provide a mini wilderbeast for your cat to hunt everyday stick with these superior foods which your vet will recommend and keep you and Kitty happy and stress free. These foods are highly digestable leaving minimal litter box upkeep. And less stress on Kitty's digestive tract. But this doesn't mean they don't want to watch animal planet

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You cannot feed your homecat eat meat unless its a wild cat..Because their teeth are not that strong like a wild cat.And its very hard to chew.Their teeth are not that big like a wild cat.And its just not good for the cats..Cause maybe they will be choke and die..So dont feed your cat meat.It is not a WILD CAT!!!

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Actually, you can feed your cat straight meat. It will need supplement however, as pure muscle meat, like humans eat, is not nutritionally balanced. In the wild, a cat would eat it's prey whole, including the bones, which is a vital supply of calcium. If you're interested in making your own cat food, has all the info you could need. Please look into homemade diets carefully as they are tricky to get right. But if you dedicate yourself to this, then I applaud your commitment to give your cat the best possible. If you can't follow the diet to the letter though, I advise a high quality canned cat food such as Bozita or Wellness which are high meat content and complete foods to give your kitty everything he/she needs.

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