Birman cross half persian?


I am looking to get a kitten! My parents have a birman and I absolutely adore the breed! I love the way he is so floppy, affectionate and follows me round the house!
Our budget can't quite stretch to the £450 asking price for a Birman kitten. We have found an advert advertising kittens with a pure Birman father and a half persian mum. Can anyone offer any information on the personality of a kitten which has been crossed with these breeds?

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Asked by Member 1166145 on Apr 20th 2013 Tagged birman, persian, personality in Birman
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If you really want a Birman, unless you're absolutely sure you could love a cat who isn't a Birman and not be disappointed at some point that you didn't wait and get a purebred Birman, you're better off waiting til you can afford a Birman rather than taking something else that isn't really what you want. Also contact Birman rescues, you may be able to adopt a purebred Birman rescue adult for much less than the price of a kitten.

Gabriel answered on 5/13/13. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer

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