Best way to remove excess hair?

I have a very fluffy calico who loves to be brushed. She has medium length fur but it's very thick. I'll brush her for about half an hour each day and never seem to make a dent in the amount of hair I'm pulling off.

She likes water but not being bathed so much. Playing in water is her idea-washing is not-

Does anyone have any tips to cut down on the shedding? She doesn't often get hairballs but it'd be nice not to have white hairs on everything.

Asked by Slyvy on Apr 24th 2012 in Grooming
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Try brush called an "evergentle slicker" its a rectangular brush with bent metal bristles that remove dead hair from lion's manes in south Africa. It also works on long haired domestic cats. If you run into matted hair that's a whole different animal. Throw the hair you clean out of brush near trees and Parks. Cats shed their winter coats the same time birds make their spring nests. Irony? Bathing cats is only a good idea if Kitty is soiled like with oil. Paint. Skunk squirt. General rule: if you see a patch 3 inches or bigger of something on your cat. Wash it off. Otherwise washing a cat may disrupt their PHD. Which may cause over or under production of oil glands. Excessive shedding. Dander. Matting. Or just a cat that will look at you and maybe hiss.

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