Benadryl and cats? Ever done it?

Has anyone here every used benadryl for cats as a sedative? mommy gets to take me to the vet, and she's not looking forward to that particular adventure!

Asked by Horus on Feb 4th 2008 in Health & Wellness
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Izadore (Izzie)

I wouldn't do it, at least not without calling the vet for dosage. Benedryl is powerful stuff. When I take it, it just about puts me in a coma for hours. I can imagine what it would do to a little kitty. However, when my Golden Retriever got into a nest of bees once and her face swelled up like a Chow Chow's, the vet told me to fill a food baster with a dose of benedryl and shoot it down her throat. She was in the twilight zone for the rest of the day, but her swelling went down like that. Have you considered using Feliway spray in his carrier? Bear in mind that vets and their techs are used to handling difficult animals, so don't worry about them. If you have problems getting him into his carrier, you might need to scruff him. I learned from a veteran cat rescuer once that if you put the carrier on its end and drop the cat in that way, it's much easier than leaving in on its bottom and trying to shove the cat in through the door. Gravity helps when it do it that way.

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Oscar J. Cat

Chiming in to agree with Izzie on dropping kitty into the carrier rather than trying to force him/her into the door. It's the only way Oscar J. will got into his carrier. Of course at the end of his vet visit, he's so sick of being poked, proded, etc., he just walks back into it and lays down! :D

If you choose to do the Benadryl, definitely call the vet first for dosages. If Benadryl will lay out a grown person, imagine how little it will take to affect your cat.

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My Sweet Lady (Rainbow Bridge)

Mom's given me Benadryl - half a oval tablet - but it didn't help much with the carsickness. (We travel 220 miles to mom's mountain cabin) The only thing that helps is Valium, which my mom gets from my doctor - 2mg tablets. If it's only a short jaunt to the vet, it's probably not worth the trouble, though - we cats hate to get pills! (As if you haven't noticed LOL)

My Sweet Lady (Rainbow Bridge) answered on 2/5/08. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


Benadryl doesn't work on cats like it does in dogs. Call your vet to see if they recommend anything. Usually unless the cat is very fractious we don't recommend any sedatives. Most sedatives will make pets unable to regulate their own body temperature. We have ways to handle "angry" cats but if it becomes a danger to handle the cat, then the Vet will recommend sedation through injection only (done by the vet). He may not need it so just take him and see what happens.
Veterinary Technician

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