At what age does a male cat become fertile?

I have both 6 month female cat who we are hoping to eventually breed from, and, a 4 month male who is her companion. When he is a little older, he will be spayed (but I dont want to do this too early). The female ( a siamese) has already come into heat. He is way too small at the moment, but what advice could anyone give me re the age we need to do this by?

Asked by Mila on Jun 6th 2013 Tagged malefertility in Spaying & Neutering
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Panda Bear

If they live together, they will mate if she is interested after he becomes mature, probably in a couple of heat cycles from now. There is no set age. Are you trying to breed for profit, or do you want to keep all the kittens? Reputable breeders are listed with breed clubs from the CFA AND test for pedigree and temperament. I suggest that you contact some experienced breeders for advice before going through with this. ^_^

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