Any tips for caring for feline herpes?

We adopted our seven-month-old kitten West in January. He has the feline herpes virus, and has had two flare-ups since we got him... no eye symptoms, luckily, but lots of sneezing/watery eyes/congestion.

He gets L-Lysine twice per day, and we also give him antibiotics or antihistamines during flare-ups when our vet deems it necessary.

Since we're new cat owners, I was wondering what we can expect with West? If anyone else has a FVR/FHV-positive kitty, how do you reduce/manage flare-ups? Has Lysine helped? How often does your cat flare up? Do you take them to the vet every time? Do you spend a lot of money on medications for them? Has the virus ever caused serious problems?

Thanks so much. I know I'm asking a lot but I'd just love to hear anyone else's experience.

Asked by West on Feb 14th 2013 Tagged herpes, fhv, fvr in Illness & Disease
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My cat chloe is 20 months old and has feline herpes. she is adopted as well. she has had 4 different times in which we had to give her dosages of clauvimax (sp). the trick is to get it maintained to a certain point. the lysine builds the immune system up against other things--don't stop. she got sick of the chewables (you can buy internet in bulk btw), so i sprinkle powder and water in her dry food (i got from vet). she gets watery eye every now and then and i wipe it with a damp wash cloth gently. she sometimes 'sheds' her virus every now and then--seasonal changes ='s allergies, which means brown snot (not pleasant, but happens, clean up right away). to clear her sinus--and keep snot flow down, i have humidifiers on at night in high traffic areas. my vet says brown is usual, green is bad. make sure you have a great vet that you can communicate with. don't be afraid to ask questions. if i don't need a check up, i at least have a vet that is willing to answer emails.

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My family has two kitties with FVR/FHV and they are very different.

Girl kitty flares up seemingly at random and also when she's stressed. Maybe once a month? I'm trying to get better at giving her Lysine but she is not a willing patient. It manifests in what I affectionately call "goopy eye." After that it's just a question of whether or not we can keep things viral to avoid a vet visit or if they'll get bacterial and she'll need antibiotics. I try to gently keep her eye clean with a damp cloth.

Boy kitty gets, as the vet likes to call it, his annual upper respiratory infection. He is ridiculously stoic and zen so the only way I can tell is that he sleeps 23 instead of 22.5 hours a day and one nostril clogs up. He gets antibiotics every time because it's almost always bacterial by the time we can see a change.

As long as you keep the lysine up you're doing everything you can, which is awesome!

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The Three Stooges

Lysine (gel form is what they typically sell at pet stores) is awesome if you can get your cat to take it twice every day. With my 12 cats, the moms passed herpes on to their babies and occasionally the kittens flare-ups to this day, especially when under stress.
My cats have long fur, so getting them to lick it off is hard. I use Angstrom Mineral's silver water- 600 ppm. I put a TBSP per gallon of water and their health is back on track in days. In fact, now I use it every day in their food or water to take care of everything and recently cleared a herpes outbreak among my own. It's antibacterial, anti-microbial, and I use it to keep me healthy too! And the best part is- it's completely safe and inexpensive. I truly hope this helps.

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