Am I right to own my cats?

I'm 25 and a young professional. I'm at a time in my life wherein I must use my resources in order to own my own business. Now, I contemplate whether I should find a new home for my 2 cats.

I rescued them as kittens, and I studied a cat book every night in order to raise them well and prevent any bad habits. Of course, they still developed a couple minor irritating ones--mainly because I gave them so much attention, but that's what makes them unique. They are the perfect house cats! Any family would love them.

I'm opening a business below my loft, and I find myself thoroughly cleaning every day or two. The smell feels like it's ingrained in the walls, and I clean the litter box twice a day and take the feces to the garbage. The hair and odor will surely be a detriment to my business.

It's hard to imagine letting them go because 2 years ago they helped me through a really tough time in my life.

I suppose I'd really just like some advice from someone who can be realistic about it.

Asked by Member 1073732 on Nov 28th 2011 Tagged care, smell, adoption, hair in Other Adoption & Rescue
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It kind of sounds like your decision is already made and you're looking for validation. I won't provide that, as you haven't given any insurmountable reasons that are causing you to consider rehoming your cats. It sounds as if they've provided what you needed at a time when you needed them, and now that they've become a minor inconvenience, it's time for them to go. I personally believe that when a person adopts a pet, an unspoken lifetime committment has been made. I don't think it's right to give them the boot for no good reason.

You don't explain where the off-putting odor is coming from. Do the cats have frequent accidents that are causing the odor? Or is it just the litterbox? Being that you clean it frequently, maybe a change in the type of litter may help with the smell. Bathing and brushing may help with shedding.

As far as the home business goes, I would suggest that you set up an area in your loft where the cats may be isolated when you have clients, to avoid interruptions.

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I hope that you really wanted an honest opinion. It is very selfish to abandon your pets because they have become inconvenient for the life you want to live now. A pet is a lifetime commitment and not something you just throw away when you change your mind. Adult cats are not easy to find new homes for and do not always adapt and live happily someplace else. I am working with a cat I rescued who is having a hard time because somebody abandoned her. Cats don't like change. Unless they are peeing all over your house I can not imagine why it smells so badly. I have 10 and everyone tells me they can not smell them in my house at all. They always use the litterbox and I fill it with good quality scoopable litter once a week scoop it twice a day. I use plug in air freshners near the litterboxes. I am very sensitive to odors myself so I just make sure they don't smell. My cats are my kids and I just don't understand people who treat animals like property that can be disposed of.

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Izadore (Izzie)

I totally agree with Ralphie, Randy and Allie. In my home, I have a sign that says, "We got rid of the kid because the cat was allergic." To contemplate rehoming your companions because they have become what you deem inconvenient is a lapse in the responsible pet-ownership you have shown thus far. If you are about to market a good, exciting and worthwhile product, a potential client will overlook the fact that you have cats and may even consider you a better person because you "like animals". In the future, if you decide to adopt another animal, a shelter may look askance at the fact that you 'dumped' earlier pets because they were inconvenient and deny the adoption. If you feel that your loft does have an odor, invest in a professional cleaing as a business expense. Have the carpeting, furniture and even walls done. Scrub the boxes weekly with a bleach/water solution and rinse well and replace the litter. Keep your cats groomed and vetted to cut down on health issues.

Izadore (Izzie) answered on 11/29/11. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 1 Report this answer


I use a crystal litter for the simple reason that it completely dehydrates the stool and stops any smell. It is a bit more expensive but it lasts sooo much longer!
I agree with the previous seems like you have perhaps already made up your mind and want us to tell you that is the right decision.
I know when MY cats came here to live it was for better or for worse and that is how I treat them... they are chosen members of my family and not something to throw away when they bother me.
Do you not think having customers in and out will not mean extra cleaning every day??? I can't see where having the cats is any different.

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