Am I right in thinking Deliliah has Siberian in her?

You can view her pic larger on her page...she's just under 8 wks, has a dense undercoat, and furball overcoat with excess tufts everywhere (brushing 30 mins daily in 2 increments, and the tufts remain)
Hopefully I'll have new pics by next week.
Thanks in advance!!
~Sarah and Delilah

Asked by Delilah on May 28th 2009 Tagged breed, siberian, undercoat, overcoat in Siberian
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Siberians are fairly uncommon and usually sold already neutered so for one to breed with the general Moggie population is not all that likely but it is possible. Here is the CFA breed profile for Siberians.
She is more likely to have some Maine Coon in her. But regardless of her heritage she is a very pretty baby. Our friend Oscar J here on Catster like to say that he is "way too interesting to be just one breed" MOL

Allie answered on May 29th.

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Roge Shadow Paul

well, she doesn't have stripes like most Siberians. other then that, she looks at least part Siberian. like a Siberian, she is gray. i hope i've helped! ^_^

Roge Shadow Paul answered on 5/28/09. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 1 Report this answer