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My grandmother is very allergic to cats. She is living alone and the last time she handled a cat was when she was 17. we are looking at russian blue cats.One that is 8 months old. should we take her to see the cat and see how she does or just not get her a cat. Are there any other breeds that are not as allergenic besides a hairless? any advice?

Asked by Member 1167631 on Apr 28th 2013 Tagged russianblueallergiesallergensbreed in Breeds
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There are really no hypoallergenic cats, even hairless ones. People are allergic to an antigen in cat saliva, not to the fur itself, and the level of allergy can vary greatly from person to person. I would recommend that you take your grandmother to see the cat before adopting it. Some people grow out of allergies (one of my brothers used to be allergic, but no longer is. Two other brothers are still highly allergic).

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