Aggressive Kitten

my kittens are 12 weeks old (brother and sister) and the male is really aggressive. he scratches and bites us and is constantly attacks his sister. how do i stop him hurting us and her and to use the scratching post instead of our legs?

Asked by Member 1129027 on Sep 3rd 2012 Tagged fight, attack, aggression, biting, scratching, pain in Behavior & Training
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Each kitten has its own personality. They are all different. Even male humans are more aggressive than females. Do not hit your kittens. This will only make them afraid of you. Always talk normal, do not yell at them. A good thing to do is to start while they are young is to clip their nails. Do not clip the nerve part. They should eventually go to the scratching post. Offer an inclined one, flat one, and vertical. They have preferences. Oh yes, never use your hands as a toy. This teaches them that your hand is a toy and they learn to scratch and bite your hands.

For the biting: just take you hand away and don't allow it.

Pasha answered on 9/3/12. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer