Advice on Taking Care of Newborn Runt Kitten

In need of some advice! My family has just had a mama cat (her first litter) give birth yesterday to a litter of 8 kittens. All the kitten are very healthy and full term except for one. Which we presume is the runt, he looks VERY underdeveloped, as to compare to his litter mates. We have given him colostrim** (spell error, sorry) and kitten formula. He will also drink from his mama if we hold his there. Any tips or an answer to why he is so underdevloped, if you think it's beyond being a runt. His front paws sink inwards and he has very little hair. Please help! Thank you for reading.

Asked by Member 1170108 on May 13th 2013 Tagged runt, kittens, advice, help, specialneeds, kitten in Kittens
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Orion Hemingway

You will have to help him along and make sure he gets food regularly if he is going to survive. Runts are always smaller and can get more tenacious with age. Right now he's just underdeveloped, so thanks for hanging in there with the feedings until he can eat on his own like his brothers and sisters! ^_^

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