Adopting a second kitten?

I have a kitten who's approximately 16 weeks old who i got when she was 10 weeks old. I am moving into a new apartment in the next week and then am starting school again and will be gone more often. I am considering getting a second kitten to keep her company as she can be rather needy and doesn't like being left alone. She lived with other kittens before I got her but is staying with a friend of mine for a few days and doesn't seem to get along with her 5 month old kitten very well.
My question is would she benefit from having a second kitten in the apartment and it would just take a while for them to be friends? Would it be better to get a male/female/younger/older kitten?

Asked by Member 1119474 on Aug 31st 2012 Tagged adoption, friends, playmate, behavior in Behavior & Training
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It's always more fun for you and kitten to have two kittens if you can afford it. Cats are usually very wary about new cats, so even though your kitten lived with kittens before, it wasn't the one she's with now, so she has to adjust. Adjusting can take anywhere from a few days to a few months. A kitten about her age would be nice. It doesn't matter too much if it's male or female, but don't get a male unless he is already neutered or until your kitten is spayed. To learn how to introduce them (you can't just put them together immediately) go the ASPCA behavior pages or cat pages at

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