7-week old kitten pooping but not peeing in litter box

So I'm putting my 7 week old kitten (lost mom at 5ish weeks) through litter box boot camp because he was not consistently peeing in his box (no pooping problems though). I tried everything - vet check, adding a box near where he had peed, spraying the carpet in that area, rewarding him immediately for good behavior, placing him in the box, and getting an unscented litter like he started with. But finally I had to confine him to my bathroom, which I feel horrible about, but I hear that's what you're supposed to do in these cases. He is using the litter box no problem in there. How long do I confine him? Since I can't really see where he peed on my carpet (carpet is dark color), is it still OK to take him out to a larger carpeted room to play after he pees in his box and if I supervise him? I did today and I noticed him sniffing around, I'm worried that he's smelling old pee and that this might interfere with training. I can't afford to clean all of my carpet and I'm moving soon. Help!

Asked by Member 1120028 on Jul 10th 2012 Tagged litterbox, urinating, peeing, pooping, training, behaviorproblems, confinement in Behavior & Training
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You can use a black light to find the spots where he peed on the carpet, then you need to clean them thoroughly with an enzymatic cleaner made for that purpose (i.e. Nature's Miracle). He's still very young and just learning about the litter box. I've fostered many babies and eventually they all get the idea. Just be patient. In the meantime, you may want to play with him on hard surface areas so he's not tempted by the carpet and confine him to the bathroom when you're not home until he's using the box reliably.

Monster answered on Jul 11th.

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