Izadore (Izzie)

2 male cats and new puppy

Make sure that when the puppy is around, the cats have a place to "hide" where the pup can't go. I put a baby gate up in one of my spare bedrooms and cut a cat-sized hole in the plastc mesh for the cats. The cats will get used to the puppy.Keep the cat food up on the counter where the pup can't get to it. You may also want to invest in covered litter boxes as my dog goes on archaeological digs in the boxes and it's not good for the pup to ingest cat litter. I'd suggest keeping the puppy on a leash for the time being until the cats get used to him. Once the puppy learns how to treat the cats, everything should be OK, but you will have to assume the alpha role and make sure that the puppy learns how to be a "good canine citizen" around the kitties. With my Husky Shepherd, it took only one swipe across the nose for her to leave the cats alone. She does chase them, but they've learned they're faster than she is.

Asked by Izadore (Izzie) on Nov 24th 2009 in Socialization
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