1yr old ESH is attacking ESH kitten

I have a one year old exotic shorthair neutered male and added a 12 week old exotic shorthair female a week and a half ago. I've had numerous cats throughout my life, so I thought I was well versed on how to introduce them/how it would go.

We started with slowly letting them sniff one another through closed doors, letting him see the new kitten in the carrier, etc. My one year old behaves rather well when she's confined. At no point has he growled at her or flattened his ears, etc. The moment we let her play around, however, he's on her and is biting and kicking at her.

At first we thought he was so excited about a new playmate, but now we're very concerned. He stalks her, he won't leave her alone, and he has made her cry out numerous times. She is kept confined to our room and they have barely had time to interract as a result.

My one year old had an older kitty brother that we recently lost. He's familiar with other cats. Any ideas on what we're doing wrong?

Asked by Member 561391 on Feb 20th 2013 Tagged exoticshorthair, kitten, introduce, aggression, attack in Other Behavior & Training
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Is it possible that he is just playing too rough with her? Could it still be play and not aggression? When my two play I sometimes get concerned when it gets a little rowdy. Another thought that occurred to me is maybe he is still grieving the loss of his older housemate and is feeling a little jealous of the new little whippersnapper? Is her energy level too much for him? Maybe they just need a little more time. I know there are more questions here than answers but I thought maybe it would give you some ideas. Good luck with your new family.

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