17 year old cat stopped eating on drinking water

cat in the last year has lost alot of weight and 3 weeks ago found possible cycst on neck that was treated with antibiotic for 3 weeks.. as of yesterday 8/25/09 the cat only wants to drink water

Asked by Member 865890 on Aug 26th 2009 in Books & Entertainment
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It is good if she is at least drinking water so she won't get dehydrated. But the anitbiotic may have upset her stomach. Rapid weight loss from not eating can cause all sorts of organ damage so you can't allow this not eating to continue. I would call the vet and tell them that she is not eating. And until you can get her back to the vet, offer her a bland diet of boiled plain chicken or else some human baby food in chicken or beef flavor.

Allie answered on 8/26/09. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer