Tigger (In Loving Memory)

13 1/2 year old cat with labored breathing.

My cat, Tigger and her brother Stinker, went in for some "old kitty" blood work about two months ago. They are both strictly indoor kitties. We also have 5 other cats ranging from 5 to 9 years old. We moved in with family 14 months ago and we got a dog in January but he only comes over once a week and leaves them alone.
Stinker has hyperthyroidism and is on meds. Tigger's blood work came back saying her kidney enzymes were (vet emphazied) barely high. Recommended prescription food. Tigger's had labored breathing slightly noticable before blood work. It's gotten worse recently. She denied nip last week. Never happened. later she had to breath with her mouth open for about 30 min. Then she fell asleep okay. She seemed over heated. I only have limited space on here but she's of tiny frame naturally. her whole body an face move unlike the others. This is all new. She seems lethargic and at other times seems like herself. shes always been the least active compared to the others...

Asked by Tigger (In Loving Memory) on May 24th 2008 Tagged laboredbreathing, seniorcat, maturecat, bloodwork, lethargic, overheated, overheating, openmouth in Other Health & Wellness
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My mommy brought me to the doctor because my breathing was labored.
It turned out

I can live fine, but I need to be in a calm environment, ie...nothing frighten me or doggies chasing me. BECAUSE my heart has become weak and cannot beat strong like when I was young...one wall on my heart became thick and makes my heart work harder anyway.

So since my heart lacks the ability to circulate blood enough thru my body, Fluid started to fill my lungs and around my tiny heart.

Mommy gives me water pills that the doctor says takes away the extra fluid and I can breath better. Because, Tiger, it gets hard to breath when the water is in the way of air entering and thus being absorbed properly. Salix is what the doctor(has)me on. And tiger let me tell you it isn't any fun to not be abel to breath good enough. Hold your breath a little and you can see what it's like.

Also I have had this ailment long enough that it caused renal failur

answered on May 25th.

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Izadore (Izzie)

My old gent, Shizzie, was 10 and my vet put him on a machine almost like an ekg for humans. I think you might want to have this test for Tigger, too, since it sounds like he may have some difficulties with his heart.

Izadore (Izzie) answered on 5/24/08. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


Yes, get Tigger to the vet immediately. My father (human) had congestive heart failure, and your symptoms sound similar. Fortunately, if that is what it is, there ARE tests and treatment. And even if it's not your heart, there's definitely something wrong, so go to the vet, please! Purrs!

Chibi answered on 5/25/08. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer

Sunny in the Sky

This sounds familiar. Could be fluid on the lungs-you can hear this when the cats breathing. Flossy had this along with a heart murmer. Sunny had more similar breathing though, mouth open, to Tigger along with the letharghy. He was diagnosed with an enlarged heart. Best to have another trip to the vets coz the sooner somethings diagnosed the more effective the treatment. One thing to look out for is when the cats are playing or running around then sunndenly stop and begin heavy breathing-signs I would notice a mile away now. Hope it all goes ok Tigger.

Sunny in the Sky answered on 5/30/08. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer