How can I add cat-safe fake blood to Jojo's Halloween costume?

I got Jojo a tuxedo to wear on Halloween (he doesn't mind wearing clothes), and I wanted to add some fake blood splatters for a "creepy butler…

ASKED BY Jojo on 10/13/13
IN Apparel

Izadore (Izzie)

Do you need help with cat urine odors and stains?

A lot of questions on this page deal with cat urine odors and stains. We know that if a cat smells herself on carpeting, clothing or bedding, she'll…

ASKED BY Izadore (Izzie) on 9/18/13
TAGGED peestainandodorremoval IN Pet Products


Alternatives to Catnip and Mint?

Hello. My name is Teemo and I am thirteen weeks old. I'm not really interested in Catnip (I've tried three different brands), nor do I care for the…

ASKED BY Teemo on 8/27/13
TAGGED catnipmintalternatives IN Toys


Have you mixed clumping litter with non clumping litter?

I am always looking for ways to save money that are within reason. I do use a store brand litter that is unscented and clumps really well. I like it…

ASKED BY Footless on 8/18/13
TAGGED catlitter, catboxes, litterboxes, mixingcatlitter IN Pet Products

One Eyed Jack

Are there any DVDs for cats OF cats?

My cat is a TV watcher, and I've bought him a number of DVDs made for cats - the ones that are just continuous loops of birds, squirrels, mice, etc…

ASKED BY One Eyed Jack on 7/12/13
IN Pet Products

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