Does anyone have experience using Fetch Pet Care for cat sitting? They are a national chain that opened recently here?

We are looking at several cat sitters and recently heard that Fetch Pet Care has opened a franchise in our part of New Jersey. We don't know anyone…

ASKED BY Hattie on 2/15/09
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I have to go away for a trip. Does anyone have a recommendation for a good cat boarding service ?

in the new york metropolitan area--preferably manhattan

ASKED BY Member 792392 on 1/14/09
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For Greensburg PA badly need a foster home for two adult male cats neutered. Just adopted in March Have shots?

Love these two. Don't want to give them up. One is whiteManx-Siamese. Other is Maine Coon. Long hair, both. Moving to Greensburg, PA Leaving on…

ASKED BY Member 521560 on 10/26/07
TAGGED havecarriers IN U.S. Northeast

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