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My kitten won't use his litter tray on his own?

When I notice my kitten needs to pee/poo I put him in his litter box and he does his business no problem but never goes to the box on his own…

ASKED BY Member 1210046 on 1/17/14
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Brand new kitten peeing on my boyfriemd when I leave?

sunday we adpoted a 2nd boy kitty. he is a snuggle bug and we are keeping him in our bedroom to slowly introduce him to our 1yr old boy cat. he sleeps…

ASKED BY Member 1209447 on 1/14/14
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Cat going frequent urine?

7 month old is playing and acting normal but for the last 4 to 5 hours is frequently urinating in his litter box (small amounts)

ASKED BY Member 1209175 on 1/12/14
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Kittens eyes are pinkish red around them.What could it be?He was left alone 4 the first time. Allergies?crying? Infected?

HELP! (First time cat owner!) I recently rescued a kitten, today was his first day alone while I worked an 8 hour shift. When I got home I realized…

ASKED BY Member 1208072 on 1/7/14
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My 6 month old kitten has the most awful, foul smelling poop. He's dewormed and to date with all of his vaccinations?

He gets wet food 3-4 times a day, gets plenty of fresh water. In terms of size, frequency and consistency, his poop is normal, it just stinks to…

ASKED BY Cheerio on 1/6/14
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We have six cats including three 13 week old kittens.They play rough. What help can you suggest? Will spay/neuter help?

They sleep for awhile which is fine. However, when they get into playing they get very rough, all three of them. Our oldest cat is 13 yrs old and is…

ASKED BY Member 971242 on 12/7/13
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I have a fourteen year old female dog called Ally. But I really want a kitten?

Ally has arthritis as she got ran over when she was a pup. She is also deaf. She has a problem. I'm not sure what it's called and don't really…

ASKED BY Member 1200271 on 11/19/13
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