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A stray cat had 4 kittens behind my barn, been feeding them for 3 weeks, all of a sudden they are gone. What happened?

The mother hisses at us sometimes but always eats the food we give her. She will come within 3 feet of us. She has been bringing her own food to the…

ASKED BY Member 1177543 on 6/29/13
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I am planning to get another kitten soon to keep my current one company. Is this wise, given the age gap between them?

Both spayed females, both Russian Blues, both from the same breeder. I was planning on getting the 2nd as a companion/playmate for my current one…

ASKED BY Member 1173069 on 6/1/13
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Is it possible when two cats with differnt hair like shrort hair and long hair breed they get short hair kitttens becuas?

my cousin has two cat tat brother but theu dont look like at all there were three of cats at the sheter there was one black kitten, the other…

ASKED BY Rex on 5/16/13
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Hello pairing together of two kittens of different ages?

Hi there me and my partner have had are first kitten for 2 months now shes 4 months old we have just taken in a boy thats 8 weeks old and the girl…

ASKED BY Member 1165095 on 4/14/13
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Can some one help? My seven year old male cat is loosing his hair on his back legs and tummy. He doesn't have a rash or?

My cat is loosing his hair

ASKED BY Member 1154950 on 2/12/13
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My cats going in for procedures.. what can i do so that my nurves ness and scared/sad wont effect him.. please help?

My cats going for a procedur im scared,sad, nurvious. i dont want my cat to feel that from me

ASKED BY Member 1153481 on 2/3/13
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