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8 week old kitten sick or growing? Should I be concerned? Please help?

I have an 8 week old kitten. He is usually active and playful. For the last couple days he has been sleeping a lot more and eating less. He still is…

ASKED BY Member 1178697 on 7/6/13
TAGGED kitten, sleeping, behavior, odd, sick IN Health & Safety

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Why is my kittens nose runny and sound congested?

My kitten is roughly nine to ten weeks old. He was born in a house with roughly 70 other cats, (a hoarders house). Pet pals got involved and treated…

ASKED BY Member 1174626 on 6/9/13
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Should I stop a pregnant mom from nursing 5-6 week old kittens?

I've recently taken in a Mama cat with 3 kittens, approx. 5-6 weeks old. Mama is very pregnant with a 2nd litter, and the 3 kittens have no problem…

ASKED BY Member 1173895 on 6/5/13
TAGGED pregnant, nursing, otherkittens IN Health & Safety

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My kitten has green stuff out of nose and eyes (after sleeping) also is not pooing everyday, and is sneezing and sleeps?

have a 8 week old kitten I've had her for 6 days now when I had her from the owner she was fine (no sneezing nothing in eyes or coming out of the…

ASKED BY Member 1172841 on 5/30/13
TAGGED sickneedhelpgreengunk IN Health & Safety

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What is the prognosis for an 8 week old kitten with a URI?

We got my kitten early (to save his life) at 5-6 weeks. He was fighting for his life when we got him. We took him to the vet and he recovered after…

ASKED BY Member 1165839 on 4/18/13
TAGGED sickkitten, uri, prognosis, sneezing IN Health & Safety

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