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My kitten has green stuff out of nose and eyes (after sleeping) also is not pooing everyday, and is sneezing and sleeps?

have a 8 week old kitten I've had her for 6 days now when I had her from the owner she was fine (no sneezing nothing in eyes or coming out of the…

ASKED BY Member 1172841 on 5/30/13
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What is the prognosis for an 8 week old kitten with a URI?

We got my kitten early (to save his life) at 5-6 weeks. He was fighting for his life when we got him. We took him to the vet and he recovered after…

ASKED BY Member 1165839 on 4/18/13
TAGGED sickkitten, uri, prognosis, sneezing IN Health & Safety


How do you keep kittens off a wall ledge that they can jump?

Hello, so my 2 6 month old kittens have mastered the leap onto the wall ledge above my staircase, and they are now obsessed with going up there. I…

ASKED BY Cairo on 2/17/13
TAGGED wall, lede, fall IN Health & Safety

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7 day old orphan kittens not pooping :(?

First of all i would like everyone to know that i live in a country where there are NO vets no professionals on any type :( also i do know that…

ASKED BY Member 1153175 on 2/6/13
TAGGED orphan, kitten, digestion, notpooping, elimination, poo IN Health & Safety


Neutered today, now splashes his water everywhere?

So my dear little Gatsby got neutered this morning and now it's the evening and he has taken to splashing every last drop of water out of his drinking…

ASKED BY Gatsby on 2/5/13
TAGGED neutering, water, behaviour, neuter, neutered, kitten, splash IN Health & Safety

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