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Is my kitten doing ok?

Hi I went to view a kitten two days ago the owner really didn't want it and told a few lies kept changing their story they said she was 10 weeks old…

ASKED BY Member 1182676 on 7/27/13
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Stray cat bit my Indoor car?

I have 2 rescued kitten, female around 4 1/2 months and male around 4 months.I got home this stray kitten, seems to be around 5 months old.He is…

ASKED BY Member 1182232 on 7/25/13
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Why has my cat meowing a lot and acting very aggressive?

Why is my cat who is 15 months suddenly aggressive, is not playful animore and keeps meowing he use to lov to b rubbed now he wont even come when…

ASKED BY Member 1156834 on 2/24/13
TAGGED aggresive, meowalot, keepsrunningaround, wontletusrubhim, andwontcometous IN Behavior & Training

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My kitten is biting scratching me whenver i get close to her?

I adopted my kitten Nala (female) from a friend. She is around 2 months old now, give or take a week. I've been reading from places about the…

ASKED BY Member 1151397 on 1/22/13
TAGGED scratching, biting, kitten IN Behavior & Training

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How can I encourage my kittens to get on better?

Hi I have two kittens, one female who is 10 weeks and one male who is 6 weeks. I bought the female two weeks ago and the male only on the Friday just…

ASKED BY Member 1145575 on 12/17/12
TAGGED kitten, fighting, aggressive, beatsup, getalongbetter, help IN Behavior & Training

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