My cat is itching a lot, but there is no trace of fleas, flea dirt, flea eggs, bites or injuries; what is it?

My cat has been itching herself a lot lately. I thought maybe it was just dry skin and changed her water more frequently as well as gave her a nicer…

ASKED BY Momo 5 days, 7 hours ago
TAGGED skin, itching, scratching, hair, fur, loss, fallingout IN Health & Wellness


Need advice about enucleation of my kitten?

My 6 month old kitten needs to have her left eye removed due to injury and resulting infection that happened before we adopted her. What are the…

ASKED BY Ziva on 6/21/14
TAGGED eyeinjury, enucleation IN Health & Wellness


How long does it take a cat to pass away naturally?

My Sammy is 16 & passing away at home with us and I was wondering if anyone else has experienced this them selves how long will this be & when will…

ASKED BY Sammy on 6/15/14
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Dealing with blindness in a cat?

Tigger has had one eye removed due to Glaucoma and in the future might lose the other eye. If that happens do you think that it is fair to keep Tigger…

ASKED BY Member 1172429 on 6/14/14
TAGGED wheneuthenasiaistobeconnsideredifpetisblind IN Other Health & Wellness


Scab and hair loss?

Hi there, A couple of days ago I noticed my cat had a small bald patch and a scab at the bast of his ear (more onto the back of his head). I've…

ASKED BY Rox on 6/8/14
TAGGED hairloss, scab, scratch, fight IN Skin Problems


Why is it that sometimes I space out and my head tilts back and then I snap out of it? It scares me?

I am an approximately 2 year old tabby/siamese mix. I came from an abusive home and have a TON of energy. I can be very cuddly but will snap out of…

ASKED BY Archie on 6/3/14
TAGGED eyes, aggression IN Other Health & Wellness

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My declawed 7-year-old male (neutered) cat is rubbing the fur off an area between his shoulder blades?

Shamus is strictly an indoor cat. I haven't been to a vet about this yet. Shamus is diabetic and on insulin, but the area where he has scratched…

ASKED BY Member 973168 on 5/31/14
IN Skin Problems

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