My cat has become extremely tired as of late. He's 6 yrs old and a short hair domestic. He's eating not too much water i?

He hasn't drank water at all today altho he has been eating. He's using the bathroom ok I'm really worried. He's a six year old domestic short hair…

ASKED BY Smokie on 6/17/15
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My cat appeared to be bleeding from the ectum,my sheets had large stains pinkish in color. This happened after she was o?

Maybe this discharge was not frombthe rectum..not sure.took Puddy to vet emergency 10 days ago because she wasnt breathing normally.diagnosis was…

ASKED BY Member 1126398 on 8/18/12
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Can someone tell me the best way to figure out the best insurance plan for a cat? 2-3 yr. Turkish Angora?

I am considering Petsecure because I can get a discount through my employer. I guess I should find out the typical costs of veterinary fees to compare…

ASKED BY Nyangpyo on 6/5/12
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Can anyone recommend good pet insurance for Monmouth co. NJ? Possible delicate surgery for ear polyp in the future?

The surgery is not imminent. The polyp is causing only minimal discomfort at the moment. But it's growing up, which the vet said is harder and more…

ASKED BY Member 275205 on 3/7/11
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Mysty (The Princess)

Pet insurance ?

Has anybody tried using PetCare pet insurance? First they messed up Mysty's insurance coverage by telling mommy there was no waiting period. Then…

ASKED BY Mysty (The Princess) on 3/16/09
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