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Excess Urination?

Baby Yuki is about 8 years old. He eats constantly, which is nothing new, but he has started urinating profusely. I have two cats and I clean the…

ASKED BY Member 882036 on 3/25/14
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My cat Bailey, 9yrs, has been vomiting a lot over the last 6-8 months. Mostly liquid but sometimes food. His Vet has him?

He poops ans pees regularly so I don't think he is blocked. I have seen a vet. He thinks he has an inflamatory bowel problem hence the Prednizone…

ASKED BY Bailey on 3/22/14
TAGGED vomiting IN Other Health & Wellness


Not ear mites?

When we first got Gwendolyn from a humane society they said they had treated her for ear mites....two days after bringing her home she had black…

ASKED BY Gwendolyn on 3/3/14
TAGGED ears, scabs, earmites, itchyears, scratchingears IN Other Health & Wellness


Loose skin under ribs/ abdomen that wasn't there a month ago?

I was last home from college a month ago- now back on spring break. I noticed Bandit has a thin band of loose skin hanging off her ribcage and into…

ASKED BY Bandit on 3/2/14
TAGGED skin, looseskin, loose, flap IN Other Health & Wellness

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How can I make sure my eccentric cat eats without going insane?

I am at my wits end. My wife and I have three cats and a baby daughter. We don't let the cats in our bedroom where we sleep with the baby. Every…

ASKED BY Member 1212825 on 2/24/14
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18 year old cat won't eat or drink, vomits everything, isn't sleeping, seems worried?

My cat Yoda is almost 19. She's an indoor cat who has been pretty healthy her whole life. She's always had issues with vomiting if she has dairy or…

ASKED BY Member 1212153 on 2/20/14
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My cat pees WAY TOO MUCH- but she is NOT sick! Been to the vet several times but NO answers! Read details for more info?

I have a cat that is less than a year old. She pees literally more than 3 cats combined. We have been to the vet NUMEROUS times and she's been given…

ASKED BY Member 1211719 on 2/14/14
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