My kitty has kidney failure. Can anyone advise what I can do to make her comfortable? The vet just gave her diet food?

My cat, Luna, had diarrhea for MONTHS. She is difficult at the vet although she's a sweet cat. We tried probiotics, antibiotics, steroids. Nothing…

ASKED BY Luna on 4/21/15
IN Illness & Disease

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HELP I've never been this upset in my life - my newly adopted female cat got out outside and we can't find her anywhere?

I have no idea how, but my 8 mo female spayed cat got out. Neither of us saw her get out, but we were doing spring cleaning all I can think is that…

ASKED BY Member 1243128 on 4/17/15
TAGGED lost, female, spayed, missing, indoorcatgotout, gotout, indoorcat IN Loss of a Pet

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Precautionary measures in getting a new cat after our last cat died of Corona/FIP: How to ensure environment is safe?

Our last cat died unfortunately at the age of 4 just 5-6 months ago. We are pretty sure he had Corona/FIP (wet) from the shelter we got him at and…

ASKED BY Member 1111538 on 4/10/15
IN FIV (Feline Immunodeficiency Virus)

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Is it safe for my cat to eat catnip?

I make lots of catnip filled mice for a local pet store and I had some catnip in my hand and my cat ate it, a pinch amount. Is this safe for her to…

ASKED BY Member 1227303 on 4/4/15
TAGGED catnip, toxic IN Health & Wellness

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My cat has an abscess under his chin that isn't healing?

I don't have an e collar on him due to the location. He scratches at it some so it's draining. Has happened before and healed spontaneously. May be…

ASKED BY Member 1239785 on 4/3/15
IN Health & Wellness


Inappropriate Urination?

Need some advice on a cat with inappropriate urination issues. This is a 2 year old female cat who has been sometimes urinating outside her box…

ASKED BY Ophelia on 4/2/15
TAGGED urination, urinalysis IN Illness & Disease

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We have a 15+ yr old cat that has been coughing like she is trying to get rid of hairball, but doesn't?

Cat was a stray my husband found over 15 years ago. It would traumatize her to take her to vet. as she doesn't let anyone hold or pet her. She can't…

ASKED BY Member 1243795 on 3/16/15
TAGGED kittycough IN Health & Wellness


Help! My kitten ate a bay leaf?

Yesterday i decided to give my kitten a bay leaf to play with, after some minutes i went to my room, and my mom called me because she saw the kitten…

ASKED BY Amapola on 3/14/15
TAGGED bay, eat, kitten IN Health & Wellness

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