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Constant licking of everything? ? Is this normal?

I just adopted another fur child around a month ago at the humane society. DLH black female...I've named her voodoo. She is a true lover! My concern…

ASKED BY Elsa 3 weeks, 5 days ago
TAGGED licking, ocd, adoption IN Health & Wellness

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Will be kitty be okay?

I have a beautiful kitty named Luna. She is 8 months old, spayed and has been living with me since she was just 8 weeks. Unfortunately, the last…

ASKED BY Member 1249225 on 1/9/16
TAGGED catfever, fever, ill, disease, catbite, lethargic, sleepy, sleepy, sleepingalot, catfight, vets, operation, antibiotics, fluids IN Health & Wellness


Our Cat Baby has runny stool. Blood, urine test and fecal test all show a healthy cat. What else could be the cause?

The Vet did a blood panel and urine and fecal tests. All came back with healthy results. The Vet put Baby on Flagyl. It seemed to work at first…

ASKED BY George on 12/19/15
IN Other Health & Wellness

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Cat licked surgical glue?

My cat licked her incision site where there is skin glue to protect the wound but she licked some of it when I took off her e-collar. It is now red…

ASKED BY Member 1249225 on 11/15/15
TAGGED cat, spay, neuter, incision, female, male, operation, glue, surgery, operation IN Spaying & Neutering

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Female Cat Licked Incision?

Hey, guys. I have a 6 month old female cat that was spayed 6 days ago. I was given an E-collar and have been using it as recommended. However, I…

ASKED BY Member 1249225 on 11/15/15
TAGGED spay, cat, kitten, incision, operation, vets, licking, infection, ecollar, male, neutering, injection IN Spaying & Neutering

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Cat has missing hair, very needy, drinks a lot of water, is cold, pees a lot, wheezes & goes through cycles of vomiting?

He is 5 years old, came from the humane society missing his undercoat. I was told it was allergy to fleas, but he has been continually treated for…

ASKED BY Member 1253028 on 10/27/15
TAGGED vomiting, missinghair, cold, wheezes, peesalot IN Health & Wellness

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Please Help! My cat has diarrhea?

Hi everyone, I would really appreciate any advice. Midnight has been constantly using the litter tray since Tuesday. Poop is slightly softer…

ASKED BY Member 1234438 on 9/10/15
TAGGED heath, food, fast, diarrhea, unwell IN Illness & Disease

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