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My cat was diagnosed with panleulemia last week?

She has seen the vet at least 6 times during the last week.Has been on amoxicillen and meds for diarrhea. Also a probiotic Spent two nights at the…

ASKED BY Member 1242831 on 3/9/15
TAGGED diarrhea, panleuk IN Illness & Disease


Is it okay for healthy cats to eat liver health diet specific food?

My 15 y.o. cat just got diagnosed with slightly elevated liver enzyme levels, and the vet recommended putting him on Hills liver diet food. The only…

ASKED BY Princess on 3/6/15
TAGGED catfood, liverdiet IN Illness & Disease

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My male cat had a UTI this week.. He has had ,in the past week,x-ray to r/o blockage,antibiotic shot and is on Baytril?

He eats only dry food. He is peeing only very small size amounts. Outside cat is stressing him. She has to come in to warm up from time to time due to…

ASKED BY Member 1242831 on 2/27/15
IN Illness & Disease


Can't figure out whats wrong. She eats, uses litter box and is still affectionate. She doesn't hide bUT shows pain,maybe?

She walks low, wiggles and wobbles when walking and doesn't play anymore. Xrays and blood good, ears cleaned.Started 2 weeks after we got her, li'l…

ASKED BY Lacey on 2/16/15
IN Illness & Disease

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Cat coughing up phlegm but always swallows it again. What can I do?

So, I recently took over as owner; he was my mother's cat. He had a bad cold/congestion for a couple years or more. He wouldn't get over it due to…

ASKED BY Member 1232274 on 2/7/15
TAGGED bacterialinfection, cold, coughing, phlegm IN Illness & Disease

Sydney Romeo (in Loving Memory

My Cat developed a blood clot in his right back leg which he is dragging?

Vet said there is nothing we can do and I am so afraid since the vet said he could have another clot after he gets through this one and chances were…

ASKED BY Sydney Romeo (in Loving Memory on 12/26/14
TAGGED emergency, health, illness, bloodclots IN Illness & Disease


Lower Urinary Tract Disease?

I recently found out that my O'Malley has Lower Urinary Tract Disease. Since he has started eating the Science Diet Wet Food that his vet prescribed…

ASKED BY O'Malley on 11/5/14
IN Illness & Disease

Napoleon  * In Loving Memory *

Prognosis for cat with pancreatitis?

My cat has IBD and MAYBE pancreatitis. His main symptoms are YOWLING very loudly after he eats. Other than that, he is an active healthy looking cat…

ASKED BY Napoleon * In Loving Memory * on 8/26/14
IN Illness & Disease

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