Teeth cleaning?

My cat's breath is disgusting, and his vets say he needs a thorough teeth cleaning. I want to know the average cost for cleaning and if there are…

ASKED BY Tripod on 8/31/12
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Wysong Dentatreat VS Proden Plaqueoff. which one is better?

I have 1 year old cat. I'm planning to feed some oral care product to prevent his oral cavity problems. Many people recommanded Wysong Dentatreat…

ASKED BY Member 1119526 on 7/7/12
TAGGED health, oralcare, teeth IN Dental Care

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Will a cleaning help my cat's rotting teeth?

my senior cat's teeth are slowly rotting, wearing down and falling out. my vet prescribed antibiotics and said we should have his teeth cleaned. I…

ASKED BY Member 944017 on 6/25/12
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How can we help a stray cat with dental disease - we're trying to find it a home but now it comes with expensive needs?

Took it to the vet to determine gender and age and that's when they told us about the advanced dental disease - said it would cost $500 to fix. It is…

ASKED BY Member 1115935 on 6/15/12
TAGGED straycat, dentaldisease, adviceforcare IN Dental Care

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My cats got an operation on his teeth tommorrow what happens if he has eaten a few hours before?

my cat has to have a operation to remove some of his teeth tomorrow and was told not to eat after 8pm but its midnight and hes just eaten a small…

ASKED BY Member 1112998 on 5/28/12
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My cat still has lesions and ulcers in his mouth after the full mouth extraction...Need Help.…

Hello, I have 6 years old male siamese cat. He has diagnosed with stomatitis 15 months ago. I tried everything but nothing worked. So he had full…

ASKED BY Member 1111249 on 5/17/12
TAGGED felinestomatitis, fullmouthextraction IN Dental Care

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Excessive licking after tooth extraction?

Hello, I have two tabby brothers who had very bad stomatitis and had all but their two bottom canines removed (both cats are 3 years old) 6 days ago…

ASKED BY Member 1101547 on 3/22/12
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Everytime my cat chews on its right side the food falls out but if is chews on its left he swallows it. What is wrong?

It runs away from everyone and hisses at us when we try to get near it. It is not acting like itself aand i just got it to eat. And i noticed about…

ASKED BY Member 1031194 on 4/19/11
TAGGED mouth, cantchewononeside IN Dental Care

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