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My cat has a bald belly and appears to be excessively licking at herself. It appears to be allergy related?

My 6yr old cat who's a bit neurotic at times has a licking problem. We moved about 6 months ago and her lower abdomin has always had very short hair…

ASKED BY Member 1044893 on 7/10/12
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Headache since my cat got here.…

So i've had a horrible headache since my kitten came to live with me about 5 days ago...yes a 5 day headache. Pretty sure I'm allergic to her. But I'm…

ASKED BY Puar on 6/14/12
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Hey there, we have a kitten 6 month old that we had to give away because of my daughters allergies..runny nose every?

Hey there, we have a kitten 6 month old that we had to give away because of my daughters allergies..runny nose every morning.. Now the girl who took…

ASKED BY Member 1112198 on 5/23/12
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Is my cat allergic to catnipplant? Bald spots itchy since we got it and its on the window hes always on. Not rngwrm/flea?

Took him to vets about diarrhoea and also showed him the first bald patch he developed. Vet checked for ringworm negative. Doesnt have fleas as had…

ASKED BY Member 1108999 on 5/3/12
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Can people overcome cat allergies?

Hi! I just adopted a kitten and ever since I have had a rash on my chest and arms. No sneezing or any other symptoms. I have had cats all my life- and…

ASKED BY Bullseye on 5/2/12
TAGGED kitten, allergies, adopted, symptoms, treatment, dander, irritants, itch, scratch IN Allergies

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How to get cat with asthma to eat?

She has lost 1.5 pounds of 8 pounds. Xrays show her lungs are scared. She goes to her food, and puts her muzzle on it to try, but does not eat. We…

ASKED BY Member 1102249 on 3/26/12
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What are the symptoms of ringworm in a cat?

My indoor only cat has some bald spots on her stomache and they look like a rash. Shes been scrathing her ears and getting sores from scratching…

ASKED BY Member 1083289 on 1/9/12
TAGGED ringworm, allergies, fleas IN Allergies

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