Would it be alright for my cats to eat Temptations treats as a meal?

For Christmas I was thinking about buying Moon and Bear bags of Temptations treats, they love them to death. On the bag in the Feeding Instructions it…

ASKED BY Moon on 11/8/11
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Kitty Loves Hawaiian bread - Is this a safe people-food treat?

My kitties LOVE King's Hawaiian Sweet bread. It doesn't matter if I get the rolls or the big loaf thing, they're all over it but I use this a…

ASKED BY Farah on 7/7/11
IN Treats

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Hi,I have a question about cat treats.what to do if cats wont eat healthier treats but love the junky ones?

I am new to trying to get my cats and dogs to eat food that isn't horrible for them after doing some research on the ingredients in most commercial…

ASKED BY Member 1029679 on 5/3/11
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Since my cat swallows cat tartar treats whole, can I give him dog tartar treats?

My cat tends to eat food so zestfully, he'll forego chewing. As a result, he's been getting some tartar problems. I've tried kitty tartar treats…

ASKED BY Rook on 10/27/10
TAGGED treats, dogtreats, tartar, dental IN Treats

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My Dad is over feeding my blue! What can I do?

I moved my Russian Blue, Kottin, in with my parents after moving back home to work in the family business. At the time she was only 6 months. I went…

ASKED BY Member 960636 on 2/8/10
TAGGED feeding, treats, overweight, poorroutine IN Treats

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I brought greenies for my kittens yesterday. Can kittens have greenies?

I have three kittens who still fairly young. I brought greenies for their dental health. I have tried brushing their teeth but they either wont…

ASKED BY Member 913591 on 1/17/10
TAGGED greenies, treats, kittens IN Treats

Eartha Kitty

Eartha Kitty is a tartar-control treat junkie! Can too much of this food be dangerous to her digestion?

Miss Eartha sez: Whenever my BFF enters the kitchen, I am perched in my begging spot demanding treats. I prefer tartar-control treats to any other…

ASKED BY Eartha Kitty on 1/5/10
TAGGED food, treats IN Treats

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