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Is my kitten healthy? Or sick?

My kitten is 6 weeks old she has been eating hard food for over a week I got her last week and now if I cup my hand its the size of her belly I'm…

ASKED BY Member 1194224 on 10/13/13
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How much should I be getting fed?

My owner read that since im only three months old, I should be fed as much as I can eat. I often feel sick after eating my canned cat food because I…

ASKED BY Patch on 9/7/13
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Is it ok for my kitten to be mostly drinking Whiskers cat milk?

My kitten literally will not touch his water obviously because he prefers his cat milk. But in this heat I don't want to take his milk away so that he…

ASKED BY Winston on 7/7/13
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Cat's being weird after I switched his food?

My cat has been farting a lot and not happily eating his new dry food, even though I upgraded to healthier food and got him off the cheap stuff…

ASKED BY Member 1176897 on 6/24/13
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What should I feed my 8 week old kitten I rescued?

I am currently feeding Kiki Meow Mix for kittens and little cans of wet food. Is that nutritional for a kitten? She's really skinny so I'm trying to…

ASKED BY Kiki on 6/16/13
TAGGED food, skinny, hungry, meowmix, wetfood IN Pet Food

Kim HeeChul

Any one who has tried Royal Canin Indoor 27 for cats 7 years+?

My cat has been taking RC Indoor 27 since she was an adult cat. She's going to be 7 end of this year, and i was wondering if i should change it to the…

ASKED BY Kim HeeChul on 6/8/13
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