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A lost cat needs some food i dnt know what type of cat it is and what it eats?

about 2 days ago a cat came to my door step and its hungey and homeless i bout it some cat food at first but i dnt have alot of money left...hes a…

ASKED BY Member 849497 on 6/26/09
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Can you feed kittens table scraps?

My kitten is about 3 months old. I don't know if I can feed him table scraps. But I do have 9 other kittens and cats. So if I bought cat food it would…

ASKED BY Gonzo on 6/17/09
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I really need a recipe for a cake for my Tommy that is turning 1yrs old?

ASKED BY Member 829271 on 4/22/09
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Midnight  & SpiderCat

Our B-day is comming soon?

Our mommy wants to bake us a cake and she wants to start on precticing on how to make it, does any body knows a recipe so my our momy can bake one for…

ASKED BY Midnight & SpiderCat on 1/29/09
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I have a kitten who is 8 weeks and can't seem to hold anything down other than baby food. How long can I do this safely?

I also give him a green algea supplemient from shimplexhealth. Can I continue for a while or will he become malnourished. I do not know yet what is…

ASKED BY Member 782768 on 12/31/08
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My approx 16yr. old tabby named Bobcat was just started on Methimaz 2.5mg twice daily?

Bobcat, is 3-4 weeks on the drug Methimaz 2.5mg twice daily. He has not yet received his first post start of drug blood test. He started eating and…

ASKED BY Member 765303 on 11/9/08
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Need food suggestions for a bengal with ibd?

It has been 3 months, he throws up bile pretty much every day. is down to 6lbs. very lethargic. is on Hills Zd has had a steriod shot nothing works…

ASKED BY Member 656459 on 7/17/08
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