Jack Frost

Is my kitten a purebred Himalayan?

This little furbaby came to live with us Christmas 2011. I was told he was purebred Himalayan (Seal-Lynx Point). The only think that has me doubting…

ASKED BY Jack Frost on 12/29/11
TAGGED himalyan, purebred, yelloweyes, blueeyes, seallynxpoint, kitten IN Himalayan

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I found a kitten that is about 5 months old when she walks she her hind legs don't seemed to be developed right ?

her ankels seem very thin i dont think she was developed right she doeesn't seem like she is in pain. I don't have the money to take her in to the…

ASKED BY Member 844608 on 6/9/09
TAGGED legs, hind, paws, nopain IN Himalayan


Trying to find out what breed is my cat?

She is a blend of black, reddish orange and brown. Very beautiful. Eyes are a greenish gold. Her two front paws have black socks. She has a bushy…

ASKED BY Baby on 4/24/09
IN Himalayan

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What type of cat has long black hair greenish yellow eyes?

We have adopted a stray cat. She has long black hair..jet black..no markings..pointy ears and greenish yellow eyes. Kind of looks like a Himalayan…

ASKED BY Member 663781 on 7/30/08
TAGGED breed, grooming IN Himalayan

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