Does anyone know where I can find a brown tabby bengal cat figurine?

My beautiful boy, Bodie recently passed on, and I would SO love to find a figurine to put on my mantel as a tribute to him. I've looked everywhere…

ASKED BY Bodie on 5/31/14
TAGGED bengal, figurine, memorial IN Bengal

Guest Member Since

Is my cat a bengal?

i have an 8 month old cat called flash who resembles a bengal in just about every way i get asked if she a bengal all the time and i say im not sure…

ASKED BY Member 986127 on 5/9/10
TAGGED ismycatabengal IN Bengal


Help with breed? He looks tabby but is 9 months old and HUGE?

Ziggy was found in an area with a large feral population. Some are said to be exotic cats which escaped and wont return home. Bengals was what the…

ASKED BY Ziggy on 1/10/10
TAGGED unknownbreed, largecat, bengal, tabby, waterlover, thinksitsadog, advice IN Bengal

Kianna Rayne

Will an Abyssinian get along ok with Bengals? I really want to adopt a Silver Aby, but don't want a breed the Bengals?

I have 3 Bengals and want an Aby. Will they get along fine? My Bengals are sweet and for the most part loving. My male is very spoiled, but I think…

ASKED BY Kianna Rayne on 11/20/07
IN Bengal

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