Walter White

Feline jealousy! What do we do if the new cat's fine, but the original one is struggling with acceptance?

My boyfriend and I adopted our cat Walter when he was 3 months old, and he recently saw his 1st birthday. He's neutered, always been extremely…

ASKED BY Walter White on 10/22/14
TAGGED socialization, newcat, jealousy, fear, defensiveness, territorial, hissing, behavior IN Socialization

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Help with 10 month old kitten ruling our lives?

For the past few months our kitten will come into our bedroom at night after me and my husband have gone to bed and he will get underneath the bed and…

ASKED BY Member 1215124 on 10/8/14
TAGGED keepingusawake, night, behaviour IN Behavior & Training

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Why does my cat hiss and growl at her kittens even though she isn't spayed?

ASKED BY Member 1235102 on 10/7/14
IN Aggression

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My cat has always been super attached to me. Now she suddenly wants nothing to do w/ me?

My problem is that I WANT her to come back to me. She doesn't want anything to do w/ me. She would always sit ON me & now, If I pick her up & put her…

ASKED BY Member 1214540 on 9/14/14
IN Socialization

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Help: my one year old spayed female cat suddenly hates me?

My kitty used to love cuddling, spooning, and petting. She would cry for me when I'd leave the room. She has always been the sweetest thing ever…

ASKED BY Member 1217112 on 9/7/14
TAGGED cat, mean, hates, me IN Behavior & Training


How can I train my 3 month old kitten to stop biting and start cuddling?

My kitten was abandoned by her mother around 2 weeks old. Since I got her she has been surprisingly good at every milestone. However she has started…

ASKED BY Trinket on 9/5/14
IN Behavior & Training

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Its been 5 weeks but still unable to pet the new cat?

My elderly friend was given a two year old cat because her owner was moving away. The previous owner got her as a 4 week old kitten. It's been…

ASKED BY Member 1229005 on 8/25/14
TAGGED socialization, afraid, hides, newhome IN Fears & Phobias


I have two male 3 year old brothers that suddenly fight. One ended up with an abcess I dont know what to do?

I separate them when we are out of the house. I have gotten vet check ups recently. I have Feliway plug ins. I have covered the windows. They get…

ASKED BY Elvis on 8/22/14
TAGGED aggression IN Behavior & Training

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