Cat needs a companion - do a add a kitten, or relocate a former friend?

So here's the back story behind it all: I have a 7 year old red point Siamese cat whom I took with me when I went off to college recently due to…

ASKED BY Rusty on 5/22/13
TAGGED lonely, relocate, moving IN Separation Anxiety


Why is my cat such an attention hog?

My cat always wants my attention. She also is literally in my face. For example, it's not enough for her to be on my lap. She wants to lay on my…

ASKED BY Daisy on 4/13/13
TAGGED behavior, attention IN Separation Anxiety

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02/23/2013 wife mistakely went over our cat slowly.she had no injuries but she doesnt want to come near any1 or in the house?

After 2days our cat has come home but she doesnt want to stay.we caught he and tried to pet her,feed her etc but she just wants to run back out.plan…

ASKED BY Member 1156700 on 2/23/13
IN Separation Anxiety

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14 year old kitty grieving the loss of her lifelong 15 year dog. Constant pacing, meowing, destroying things?

Grace is just short of 14. My bichon, her constant companion since Grace was a kitten died several months ago and Grace is a different cat. An…

ASKED BY Member 1141250 on 11/18/12
TAGGED grief IN Separation Anxiety

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Why does my cat eat all my yoga pants?

I have a kitten whom I've had sine 4 weeks she is 3 months Now. But she has eaten every pair of yoga pants I own, also a pair of underwear. Please how…

ASKED BY Member 1135304 on 10/11/12
TAGGED eatingmypants IN Separation Anxiety

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My boy cat hasn't come back home tonight should i be alarmed?

My cat hasn't come home tonight sGould i be worried

ASKED BY Member 1132217 on 9/24/12
IN Separation Anxiety

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