O'malley always paws at his water bowl and manages to spill it does anyone else have this problem?

he always spills some of his water on the floor on purpose. has anyone else had to deal with this before and have any advice for me? like for…

ASKED BY O'Malley on 3/20/14
TAGGED water, bowls IN Other Behavior & Training


Any advice on getting Domino used to his harness?

I recently started putting Domino's harness on for a few hours a day but he HATES the thing. As soon as he's wearing it he slumps over and looks…

ASKED BY Domino on 2/25/14
TAGGED harness, depression, training, leashes IN Other Behavior & Training

Guest Member Since

My cat has developed a habit. He sleeps on anything new. Whether it be a piece of paper on the floor or new shoes?

He's an old cat. 15 years old. Really healthy. No issues. Just losing mobility gradually. If I leave something on the floor its guaranteed hell be…

ASKED BY Member 1212107 on 2/19/14
TAGGED occupyingnewspaces, hoarding, lying IN Other Behavior & Training

Guest Member Since

Is my HY-PER kitten normal?

I have a few concerns regarding my 10 week old kitty. She can be as sweet as sugar, but she is extremely hyper. She sleeps approximately 10-12…

ASKED BY Member 1199281 on 2/17/14
TAGGED kitten, active, hyper, biting, bite IN Other Behavior & Training

Honey Pie

Why has my cat become more affectionate and more active after his haircut ?

My one and a half year old cat who was recently shaved due to mats and naughts has become more affectionate and more active. I would like to know…

ASKED BY Honey Pie on 1/11/14
IN Other Behavior & Training

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I have an 8 mo. kitten I took her home for holidays and she loved other cats! I got her a kitten at our apartment help?

I have an eight month old kitten that is extremely lovable! She is with me in my apartment at school and she meows at me constantly and rubs her…

ASKED BY Member 1208855 on 1/11/14
IN Other Behavior & Training

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My 10-month-old has an expensive habit.…

Our bubba has taken to chewing on skinny wires lately. I've done a lot of research and we've tried many things: wrapping wires, making sure his diet…

ASKED BY Member 1208324 on 1/8/14
TAGGED chewing, wires IN Other Behavior & Training

Guest Member Since

Just adopted 8 month old kitten.…

I just adopted an 8 month old kitten from a rescue yesterday. This morning and just an hour ago, she pooped on me. IS this normal? I have showed her…

ASKED BY Member 1208220 on 1/7/14
IN Other Behavior & Training

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