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I recently got a kitten who is 10 weeks old it is a semi punch fawn color persian kitten and i have some quries…

Firstly, at times she goes extremely highper she runs from here and there and acts all crazy why is this so? cause persian cats are supposed to be all…

ASKED BY Member 1206986 on 6/24/14
TAGGED behaviourtraining IN Methods of Training


How can I make the adjustment to indoor life easier for my kitty?

My siamese cat, Meatball, used to be an outdoor/indoor cat. We recently found out he has leukemia, therefore he has to be solely an indoor cat now…

ASKED BY Meatball on 1/15/14
TAGGED outdoors, indoors, apartment, house, inside, leukemia IN Methods of Training

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Our new cat never learned to play, How and we teach her?

We got this 2-1/2 year old from the local SPCA shelter where she lived for most of her life. With over 100 cats, they didn't have time to play…

ASKED BY Pumpkin Seed on 7/21/13
TAGGED play, toys, interaction, training IN Methods of Training


Motivation for non-treat motivated cat?

So...Trekkie and I are going to start clicker training so I can try to break him of some of his more annoying habits. Unfortunately, typical treats…

ASKED BY Trek on 5/6/13
IN Methods of Training

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How can I keep my cat off my chair?

My 1yo kitty, Michio, won't stay off /my/ chair. I have another 3yo cat, Snerf who never goes on any furniture. He stays off all the sofas, and…

ASKED BY Member 1164411 on 5/1/13
TAGGED sofa, couch, chair, train, steal IN Methods of Training

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Can someone help me find a way to introduce moist food to my new kitty? She will be 2yo in July?

I adopted her 2 weeks ago, and the shelter told me she only eats dry food. I heard an all dry diet is no good for cats, but she won't touch moist…

ASKED BY Member 1167177 on 4/25/13
IN Methods of Training


My cat has a walking disability and won't use the litter box. Any suggestions?

My cat is having issues learning to use the litter box. This is a result of having some brain damage from being trapped in a porch as a kitten, where…

ASKED BY Ash on 4/23/13
IN Methods of Training

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