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Nightstar (In Loving Memory)

My cat barely notices me! How do I gain his attention?

Nightstar barely notices me. The only time he jumps in my lap is when I have treats. He doesn't even sit by me! How can I change this?

ASKED BY Nightstar (In Loving Memory) on 5/28/15
IN Behavior & Training


We shaved one of my cats and now his own brother is scared of him?

We shaved one of my cats, Disco Stu,and now his own brother, Merle, doesn't recognize him and hisses whenever Disco comes. Merle seems to recognize…

ASKED BY Merle on 5/23/15
TAGGED shaved, aggresive IN Aggression

Guest Member Since

Please Help! Need advice ASAP! Mother in Law wants to Bring cat! Our cat hates cats?

Our mother in law has a big black declawed (front paws) cat. And my mother in law and sister are moving into our tiny two bedroom until we can get…

ASKED BY Member 1221022 on 5/4/15
TAGGED fight, hate, territorial, bite, scratch, kick, anger, dominant, space, battle IN Behavior & Training


New cat and old cat not getting along at all?

I recently adopted a 3 year old female, just about a month ago. At first she and my 15 y.o. were doing okay, just a little hissing but no fights…

ASKED BY Princess on 5/1/15
TAGGED newcat, intercataggression IN Aggression

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My eldest cat is 14 and loves to go outside. Is that normal?

My eldest cat is 14, she always wants to go out during at night and sleeps inside all day. Is this normal? I just get worried about her being out at…

ASKED BY Member 1245187 on 4/23/15
IN Behavior & Training

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My cat suddenly attacked my dog why?

Kitty has suddenly viciously attacked Zuma(Female dog, Belgian Sheperd) for no apparent reason. They have lived together for two years and have…

ASKED BY Member 1245558 on 4/22/15
TAGGED agression, cat, dog, problem IN Aggression

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Suddenly non-responsive to affection and non-affectionate?

MY husband adopted a 8-10 month-old kitten and for the last several weeks so has been really affectionate and loving. But after my son practiced his…

ASKED BY Member 1243715 on 4/15/15
TAGGED suddenlynonresponsivetoaffectionandhasbecomenonaffectionate IN Behavior & Training

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My thug of an Ocicat destroyed my new flat screen TV and might do it again when I replace it?

I adore our two Ocis but the male, Chas, is a big rascal who uses every object in the house to practice his parkour skills; he literally bounces off…

ASKED BY Member 462431 on 4/8/15
IN Aggression

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