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How can I get my cat to socialize with people other than me?

My fiance and I adopted my cat from the humane society when she was about 2 months old (~2 years ago). From the start, she has bonded only with me. As…

ASKED BY Member 1237491 on 11/16/14
IN Fears & Phobias


My cat has become very aggressive towards me & others, What to do?

Me and my sister & my 6 year old niece were outside, and Had petted a stray cat that i'm assuming is a male. I've touched many other cats before…

ASKED BY Gemmaline on 11/12/14
TAGGED aggressive, aggressivebehavior, aggression IN Aggression


How do I get my 8 year old female to accept my 2 year old male?

I have 3 cats a 8 year old female Reeses, a 6 year old male Ninja and a 2 year old male O'Malley. They are all fixed and Reeses is Ninja's mother…

ASKED BY O'Malley on 11/5/14
IN Socialization

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I have a spayed female Egyptian Mau and will be getting another female in about 4 weeks?

Their ages at that time will be 11 weeks and 8 months. What do I need to do to introduce them the right way?

ASKED BY Member 847892 on 10/28/14
TAGGED introduction IN Socialization

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I'm having trouble introducing my two cats! The original cat is a 6 month old short haired male the other is 2 month old?

The baby is very vocal.. We've had her for a week and whenever no one is paying attention to her she meows very long and loudly and I come running…

ASKED BY Member 1229201 on 10/26/14
TAGGED kittenvscat IN Aggression

Walter White

Feline jealousy! What do we do if the new cat's fine, but the original one is struggling with acceptance?

My boyfriend and I adopted our cat Walter when he was 3 months old, and he recently saw his 1st birthday. He's neutered, always been extremely…

ASKED BY Walter White on 10/22/14
TAGGED socialization, newcat, jealousy, fear, defensiveness, territorial, hissing, behavior IN Socialization

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Help with 10 month old kitten ruling our lives?

For the past few months our kitten will come into our bedroom at night after me and my husband have gone to bed and he will get underneath the bed and…

ASKED BY Member 1215124 on 10/8/14
TAGGED keepingusawake, night, behaviour IN Behavior & Training

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