Can my 17 yr old, great health except" be allergic to her own bacteria? If it's hours old on chow? Never an issue till t?

She vomits both digested and undigested food, irregular timing. Anomaly all the way so far. Help

ASKED BY Shadow on 1/4/16
TAGGED vomit, health, toys, birds, allergies IN Adoption & Rescue

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Neutered male/female or spayed female/female sibling kittens? Never had females, have read conflicting things. Help?

I've been waiting 8 weeks for my breeder to okay me bringing home my new kittens--the last offspring from the pair that produced my ideal pet, Prints…

ASKED BY Member 1249397 on 7/17/15
IN Adoption & Rescue

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I'm getting a cat soon and would like some answers to some of my questions and what you did when you first got you adult?

First I have done lots of research and all of the sites say at first to keep your cat in a small room with a litter box,scrating post,food and…

ASKED BY Member 1245750 on 6/15/15
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Kitten FIV positive help?

Today I fell in love with a 2 month old kitten that is fiv positive I want to adopt her but I have a negative cat at home and don't want to expose her…

ASKED BY Member 1247537 on 6/3/15
TAGGED fiv, kitten, months, fivnegative, fivpositive IN Adoption & Rescue

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How to convince my family to get a cat?

I'm trying to convince my family to get a cat but they simply refuse due to a bad incident we had with a cat who's mom was a stray. The cat became…

ASKED BY Member 1243857 on 3/17/15
TAGGED adoption, convincing, family, trauma, whattype IN Adoption & Rescue


Will my cat want a friend?

I work ten hour days and Boots is alone with my pet rats all day. He is always happy to see me when I wake up and when I get home. I feel bad to leave…

ASKED BY Boots on 2/28/15
IN Choosing the Right Pet

Sydney Romeo (in Loving Memory

Feral cat brought in house and think I made a mistake ....what to do?

I believe I have made a terrible mistake and i don't know what to do....My beloved cat of 16 years had to be euthanized last week due to a thrown…

ASKED BY Sydney Romeo (in Loving Memory on 2/27/15
TAGGED feral, stray, antisocial IN Choosing the Right Pet

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