The 10 Most Famous LOLCats


Do you know what your cat is thinking? Apparently most cats are incredibly demanding creatures and while many have rather insightful internal monologues, they can’t spell very well at all! At least that’s what scores of people on the Internet have come to believe after being deluged in the LOL Cat imagery popularized by the much-visited I Can Has Cheezburger (ICHS) website.

The LOL Cat tidal wave grew from anonymous postings on various websites into the global pastime it is today – we might even venture to call LOLspeak a universal language at this point. It all started with folks captioning random photos of cats with distinct, funny, intentionally misspelled headlines in web forums. The ICHS founders would later pick up on this phenomenon and give it a home on Now anyone can visit the site, upload a cat photo, add a LOL caption and get feedback from the Cheezburger community.

So, what are the most famous LOL Cats out there? Since any picture of a cat somehow manages to be funny, it’s tough to say. But here are a few of our favorites (feel free to add yours by hitting the feedback button below!):

10 Most Famous LOL Cats on the Internet

1. Happy Cat – This shorthaired gray cat was the original LOL put up by ICHC with the words “I can has cheezburger?” photoshopped upon it. The caption became the name of the site and the distinct spelling and look of the captions was cemented. Happy Cat has appeared in many other lolz including the poignant Happy Cat LOL wherein he thinks “Happycat has run out of happy.” Poor Happy Cat.

2. Babushka Cats – The Babushka Cats have received almost 1,800 votes on They’re known as the “borscht babies.” Their most famous lol is a photo of the three Babushka Cats, each wrapped in blankets and wearing winter hats. They are snug as a bug in a cardboard box and are sleeping. Their caption reads “Bubushka cats are in ur box being old wimmens.”

3. Monorail Cat – This adventurer often gets stuck in high places and this lol captures his daring spirit well. Monorail Cat doesn’t have much to say but his eyes tell his story as he hovers high in the air.

4. Civil Disobedience Cat – The photo of this famous cat being dragged in his harness speaks to many cat owners about disobedient cats. But, apparently, our cats are actually practicing some sort of peaceful demonstration in this lol which states “Civil disobedience cat will not be moved.”

5. Lime Cat – This precocious Persian is apparently a sour puss and his lol pictures fit this perfectly. With a lime on his head like a helmet, his silence speaks volumes.

6. Ikea Cat – Trendy and easy to assemble, the Ikea Cat likes lying in cardboard boxes filled with those annoying Styrofoam cones that squeak when rubbed together. And, apparently, with Ikea Cat “some assembly is required.”

7. Ceiling Cat – This famous lol is quite the peeping tom, looking down from a hole in the ceiling and watching you, um, go about your business. Here’s a less naughty lol that references the original Ceiling Cat:

8. Basement Cat – Basement Cat stars in many lolz but his theme is the same – he represents the devil and cat owners know there’s a little bit of the devil in every cat. One of his famous lolz is a photo of him in the snow with the caption “Basement Cat says Hell finaly froze.”

9. Surrender Cat – This kooky kitten is always trying to take over the world. In this lol, he’s capturing a mouse spy with an internal yell of “Surrender Fuzzy One!”

10. Death Cat – This morbid cat lurks around in a nursing home predicting who will die (he only cozies up with patients who then die in the next few hours – really). These occurrences are very strange, indeed, and his lolz capture his vocation with captions such as “I can has your sole?” and “I see that you died thur.” At least he has a sense of humor about it.

To get an idea of how to create your own lol caption, try this site. Here, you can enter a caption in proper English and then get it translated into lol talk.

You can now make lolz out of many subjects on the site, including dogs, celebs and babies (but the cats are still the funniest). Lolz certainly have the potential to make your day a bit brighter and you may see cats in a different way. But be careful – viewing and making lolz can be addictive!

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