Codee Chessher

Codee Chessher is a freelance writer with extensive knowledge on a variety of subjects that include travel, DIY, pets, and more. He has a colorful past but the written word was always his first love. He believes there's nothing a well-worded sentence can't accomplish! When not writing, Codee enjoys reading fantasy novels, tackling DIY projects around the house, and memorizing useless pop culture trivia. He has lived in many places around the US, and most recently resides in northern Mexico.

black and white cat lying on the blanket in hotel room bed

8 Pet-Friendly Hotels in Houston, TX (2024 Guide)

Houston is a Texan powerhouse of industry, nightlife, culture, and cuisine that you’ll never want to leave. Really, the biggest challenge you’ll face is finding the perfect pet-friendly accommodations that’ll accept your best furry friends. Whether you’re in town for business, going shopping, or want to sample local delicacies, you’ll do it in luxury with

8 Pet-Friendly Hotels in Houston, TX (2024 Guide) Read More »

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