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22 White Cat Breeds (With Pictures)

Written by: Kit Copson

Last Updated on May 22, 2024 by Catster Editorial Team

white Maine Coon cat at home

22 White Cat Breeds (With Pictures)

There’s just something about a cat with a snowy white coat that mesmerizes you. White is a common color for many recognized cat breeds and mixed breeds, and it presents in a variety of ways. While some cats are fully white, some have an overtone of another color, some have splotches of color, and some have just a little white with a large percentage of other colors—it really depends.

In this post, we’ll introduce you to some of the many stunning cat breeds that can be white in color, whether fully or partially. Bear in mind, however, that an array of colors in addition to white are possible for the majority of breeds.

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The 22 White Cat Breeds

1. British Shorthair

White British shorthair kitten on a black background
Image Credit: OksanaSusoeva, Shutterstock

The British Shorthair is a stocky, broad-faced cat with a short, dense coat that comes in a huge number of colors, including pure white. Pure white British Shorthairs’ eyes come in three colors—blue, copper, or gold, though some have eyes that are two different colors. British Shorthairs are often described as being quiet, steady, and loving but with a healthy dose of independence.

2. Maine Coon

white maine coon cat in gray background
Image Credit: Kanashi. Pixabay

A large, majestic cat with a long, fluffy coat, the Maine Coon is the ultimate charmer. Some are solid in color and some have tabby, bi-color, parti-color, shaded, shell, smoke, tortie, or chinchilla color combinations and patterns.

It’s possible for Maine Coons to be pure, solid white, and their eyes can be copper, green-gold, green, or gold, but white Maine Coons might have eyes in different colors—this is a common trait in white cats. Maine Coons are known for being gentle, outgoing, and sociable cats.

3. American Shorthair

American shorthair cat on colored backgrounds
Image Credit: Oleksandr Volchanskyi, Shutterstock

American Shorthairs, as the name suggests, have short, thick, weather-hardy coats that are hard to the touch. In addition to pure white, American Shorthairs can have partially white coats in the form of bi-color, calico, and smoke combined with other colors (for example, smoke and white). Some, like those with chinchilla coloring, have white undercoats tipped with another color.

In terms of personality, American Shorthairs are generally considered to be companionable, devoted, and affectionate with those they love.

4. Turkish Angora

white Turkish angora cat on the couch
Image Credit: TheCats, Shutterstock

The medium-sized Turkish Angora originated in Ankara Province sometime prior to the 17th century. These elegant, graceful cats have silky, smooth coats that come in various lengths, but their tails are always plume-like. Pure white is a common Turkish Angora coat color, but various other colors and patterns are also possible. Turkish Angoras are often said to be energetic, playful, curious, and friendly.

5. Norwegian Forest Cat

solid white Norwegian Forestcat kitten with different colored eyes
Image Credit: Nynke van Holten, Shutterstock

A truly magnificent cat, the Norwegian Forest Cat looks just like a woodland fairytale creature. They have lion-like, water-resistant coats that can be pure white or one of a number of other combinations and patterns.

Norwegian Forest Cats are generally sweet, independent cats that tend to love you from a bit of a distance rather than being all up in your face or in your lap. Many enjoy hanging out with their humans on the couch or following them about.

6. Turkish Van

white turkish van with curly tail
Image Credit: Gabriele M. Reinhardt, Pixabay

While Turkish Vans aren’t completely white, their medium-length coats can have a large percentage of white with other colors like red, brown, cream, or blue. The eyes can be blue or amber or they can be two different colors. Active, highly intelligent, and friendly with an independent streak, Turkish Vans often make loving and playful family members.

7. Devon Rex

Devon Rex kitten on a white fluffy blanket
Image Credit: Angela Kotsell, Shutterstock

The fairytale-like Devon Rex is a very distinctive cat, small to medium in size with elf-like features and a short, soft, wavy coat. They come in pretty much any color including pure white, and the large eyes and ears really stand out on their small faces and head, which gives them an almost bat-like appearance. Devon Rexes are often full of energy but also tend to bond very closely with their families.

8. Cornish Rex

Portrait of Cornish Rex Cat on Brown Background
Image Credit: Tania__Wild, Shutterstock

The Cornish Rex looks rather like the Devon Rex, sharing similar chiseled, bat-like features, a slender body, and a wavy coat, but the Cornish Rex is a little shorter and slightly heavier. Like Devon Rexes, Cornish Rexes can be pure white. A pure white coat in Cornish Rexes comes with golden or deep blue eyes or, in some cases, the eyes are two different colors.

Cornish Rexes are famously very outgoing cats with a great sense of fun. They’re also very often comfortable with physical contact and form strong bonds with their loved ones.

9. Japanese Bobtail

Indoor life of a Japanese Bobtail Cat
Image Credit: Algorithm images, Shutterstock

This cat’s name is a reference to their short, stumpy tails, a trait they inherit genetically. Medium in size with oval-shaped eyes, the Japanese Bobtail comes in various colors, including white, black, blue, lilac, chocolate, and cream. A number of other patterns and color combinations are also possible. Japanese Bobtails are commonly said to be sweet, sociable, chatty, and playful with a touch of sass.

10. Persian

White persian cat walking on green grass
Image Credit: ANURAK PONGPATIMET, Shutterstock

Persian cats are very easy to spot thanks to their large heads, short noses, “smooshed” facial features, and their mass of long, fine hair. Pure white Persian cats will either have startling blue or copper-colored eyes, though some have one blue and one copper-colored eye.  Persian cats are known for being quiet and placid, and for having a special affinity for spending a lot of time luxuriating in cozy spots.

11. Ragdoll

blue eyed ragdoll cat
Image Credit: tativophotos, Shutterstock

Ragdolls are so-named because of their tendency to melt into your arms when you pick them up. These chilled-out felines are rarely completely white, but it’s common for them to have ivory-colored or white coats with their points. Specifically, lilac points, red points, cream points, and chocolate points have white or ivory bodies. Ragdolls are typically easygoing cats with plenty of love to go around.

12. LaPerm

Cute LaPerm cat kitten
Image Credit: Nynke van Holten, Shutterstock

The LaPerm is a cat with a medium-length, light, wavy/curly coat, and a large, puffy tail.  These cats can come in any color or pattern, including pure white. LaPerms are well-proportioned with an alert, inquisitive expression and moderately-sized ears that are sometimes furnished. Personality-wise, LaPerms are often described as loyal, mischievous, good-natured, and charming.

13. Siamese

Flame Point Siamese Cat
Image Credit: Kolganova Daria, Shutterstock

With their wedge or apple-shaped heads (depending on whether they’re a modern or traditional Siamese), lithe bodies, sapphire-blue eyes, and stunning points, you simply cannot mistake a Siamese.

Siamese cats with chocolate points are ivory-colored, whereas those with lilac points have “glacial white” coats as per the Cat Fanciers Association’s (CFA) breed standard. These felines are famously chatty, devoted, sensitive, and sociable.

14. Russian White

russian white cat
Image Credit: Bruno Passigatti, Shutterstock

The Russian White was developed in the 1970s by crossing a Siberian with a Russian Blue. These cats are pure white with delicate facial features that reflect what they’re often like on the inside, too. Often sweet-natured and shy, Russian Whites enjoy human company but tend to be independent enough to not need to be up in your business all the time.

15. Calico

Closeup portrait of old calico cat lying down by kitchen on tiled floor in home
Image Credit: Kristi Blokhin, Shutterstock

Okay, so calico isn’t actually a breed, but a coat coloring pattern that’s common in various pure breeds and mixed breeds. Cats with the calico pattern are tricolored—white with black and orange/red patches. The ratio of white to black and orange/red varies, and each calico has a coat that is unique to them.

Calico cats are often mistaken for tortoiseshells (torties), but torties are bi-colored rather than tri-colored, though they sometimes have a very small amount of white.

16. Balinese

Ivory Point Balinese Cat
Image Credit: Eric Isselee,Shutterstock

Like Siamese cats, chocolate-pointed Balinese cats have ivory bodies, and lilac-pointed Balinese cats have white bodies described as “glacial white” in the CFA’s breed standard. Balinese cats are medium-sized with slender but muscular, well-balanced bodies, and their medium-length coats are of a silky texture. The affectionate Balinese is a truly lovely cat with a chatty and sociable personality.

17. Oriental Shorthair

black and white oriental shorthair
Image Credit: Fuss Sergey, Shutterstock

The Oriental Shorthair is an impressive sight to behold—tall, lean, and with a sharp, slender face, almond-shaped eyes, and massive ears. The pure white Oriental Shorthair has startling blue eyes and pink paw pads.

Another chatty Cathy for our roundup, the Oriental Shorthair is one that rarely hesitates to let you know exactly how they feel. They’re also often very curious and close to their people.

18. Sphynx

Sphynx cat sitting on a blanket and looking away
Image Credit: Alexander Piragis, Shutterstock

Often referred to as a “hairless” breed, Sphynx cats sometimes have a very fine, fuzzy layer of hair that’s barely noticeable. They come in various colors, including white, blue, black, chocolate, cream, lavender, and more. Their lack of hair often leads them to seek warmth where they can, especially in winter, which makes for a very cuddly and endearing companion.

19. American Curl

white American Curl kitten
Image Credit: Chicsweet, Pixabay

The American Curl’s name comes from their very unique ears, which are small and curled. These gorgeous, large cats have medium-length coats with plumed tails. All colors are possible with this breed, including pure white. American Curls are famous for remaining active and kitten-like into adulthood and are often loving and entertaining companions.

20. Scottish Fold

scottish fold white kitten
Image Credit: Volchanskyi, Shutterstock

Scottish Folds are medium-sized, owlish cats with a very distinctive feature—most of them (though not all) have folded ears. White Scottish Folds can either have two different-colored eyes or blue, gold, or copper-colored eyes. This even-tempered, calm, and quiet but active cat typically enjoys playtime just as much as cuddling up on the couch with you.

21. British Longhair

close up white British Longhair Cat
Image Credit: ArmadilloPhotograp, Shutterstock

British Longhairs are basically British Shorthairs with longer coats. Like the British Shorthair, the longhaired variety is round-faced and has what we might call a “full” appearance—even more so than the British Shorthair thanks to the long, plush coat.

British Longhairs are known for the same character traits as British Shorthairs—they’re usually happy to soak up all the attention when it’s offered but won’t ask too much from you.

22. Khao Manee

White Khao Manee with yellow and blue eyes
Image Credit: ne_photo, Shutterstock

The Khao Manee originated in Thailand and only comes in one color—white. A medium-sized cat, the Khao Manee has stunning, almond-shaped eyes that come in various colors, including sapphire blue, though they can also have bi-colored eyes, like other white cats.  These cats are often very people-oriented and thrive on attention from both family members and visitors.

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There we have it—22 breeds (or coat pattern types, in the case of calico cats) that can either be solid white or at least mostly white. If you have a thing for white cats and would like one of your own, we’d recommend communicating with a rescue organization.

There are plenty of white cats and kittens in shelters or foster care that you’re sure to fall in love with.

Featured Image Credit: Pixel-Shot, Shutterstock

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