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50 Perfect Crying Cat Memes – Sad But Hilarious Jokes

Written by: Chantelle Fowler

Last Updated on January 10, 2024 by Catster Editorial Team

crying cat memes

50 Perfect Crying Cat Memes – Sad But Hilarious Jokes

The Crying Cat meme, also known as Sad Cat meme, is a series of photoshopped pictures of a teary and glassy-eyed kitty put into various situations. If you’re looking to laugh at memes that you can also say, “Ha! Same!” to, you’ve come to the right place. Keep scrolling to find 50 of the most relatable crying cat memes.

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The 50 Crying Cat Memes

1. Tricky Kitty

We’ve all been here on days we didn’t feel like going to school before we learned the ol’ put-the-thermometer-in-Mom’s-coffee-to-fake-a-fever trick. Not that that ever worked on our moms since the resulting temperature was quite literally off the charts at 120°F.

2. Life Hack Cat

Since we are all about saving time and being as productive as possible in our fast-paced modern society, this life advice from this crying cat may have some merit.

3. Mom’s Lecture Cat

It’s really all about learning the right time to tell your parents a story you think is “funny”, as chances are it will turn into a lecture if you’ve chosen the wrong time.

4. Best Friend Relationship Cats

This is the beautiful kind of friendship we all long – and deserve – to have.

5. Early Riser Cat

Staying up late sounds like fun and games until you remember you still have responsibilities and are expected to show up for work in the morning on time.

6. Rubik’s Cube Kitty

This is an actual photograph of my face whenever I try to solve a Rubik’s cube. I’m not sure how people can do them in under 10 seconds, but color me impressed.

7. Social Media Mogul Cat

We can’t all be social media moguls like the Kardashian and Jenner clans.

8. Mechanic Cat

Here’s a photo representation of me trying to fix my life.

9. Emotional Eating Cat

I will have a small existential crisis with a side order of emotional eating, please!

10. Side Mirror Cat

Nothing quite like going out for a drive in the middle of an emotional breakdown.

11. Betrayal

You say you love me, but your coffee cup says otherwise.

12. Overthinking Cat

This is pretty much how it goes every time I’m left alone with my thoughts for a millisecond too long.

13. Helper Kitty

Let me know if you find any spare change anywhere. This economy is brutal on the ol’ pocketbook.

14. Sensitive Cat

As a sensitive overthinker, I can relate deeply to this meme. And don’t get me started on when people respond with a simple “K” or, worse, a “…”!

15. Early Riser Kitty

Being an early riser sounds like a good plan until you realize how few hours you’re going to get to sleep.

16. Anxious Cat

Where are my fellow anxious people at? We’re fragile, sensitive, and extremely delicate. Treat us nicely because you bet we’ll be overthinking about every slight inflection in your voice as we lie down to go to bed at night.

17. Breakdown Kitty

If I had the mental capacity to help you right now, I totally would, but I’m in the midst of my own personal hell, so give me some time, and I’ll get back to you later.

18. Regretful Kitty

There’s something about that immediate embarrassment and regret when you hit “send” on a response message mere seconds after receiving the initial text.

19. Sad Kitty

This is what overthinking and hypersensitivity look like at the end of the day.

20. Bills Bills Bills

“You need another cat bed? In this economy? You wish!” is a phrase I’ll never say to my cats as they have four beds in our living room alone, yet dare to sleep on our kitchen island.

21. Myers-Briggs Cat

As an actual INFJ in the Myers-Briggs personality test, I relate to this deeply.

22. Think Twice

New Year’s 2024 resolution: think a single time before responding to anything.

23. Math Homework Cat

Listen, when I say I’ve never related more to a cat meme in my life, I mean it. Math was the bane of my existence, which is why I’m a writer now.

24. Morning Pep Talk

Sometimes, all we need is a motivational morning pep talk in the mirror to get through the day.

25. Another Sad Video

Here’s an actual image of me sobbing while scrolling through the TikTok For You Page that I inadvertently curated for myself.

26. Math Cat

Don’t let the fact that this meme is in Polish distract you. It roughly translates to, “This is me when I have to calculate something in a stressful situation.” As a person who cannot get by without my trusty calculator, I personally feel this meme in my soul.

27. BRB Cat

I don’t think I need to cry; I know I do. There’s a difference. Knowing is somehow more dignified.

28. Wardrobe Cat

I know…another Polish crying cat meme, but this one is too relatable to not share. It roughly translates to, “This is me crying in front of the mirror because I have nothing to wear.” As a woman, this meme is extremely relatable.

29. Temporary Tattoo Cat

Nothing made an 8-year-old me feel tougher than a temporary tattoo my Mom bought me from the dollar store. Unfortunately, they never lasted past a single shower, and if they did, I’d pick at them until they were gone entirely.

30. Online Friends Cat

I sometimes think about the online friendships I had in 2000 when my family first got the Internet at our house. Nothing hurts more than knowing one day, we all signed into AIM and MSN Messenger for the last time and didn’t know it.

31. Ouch

Ouch. That hurts. After all the memes we shared?

32. Low Self-Esteem Cat

We all get those low self-esteem days, even cats, apparently. However, I don’t know a single soul on this earth that could hate this sweet little face.

33. Pizza Delivery Cat

As a person with extreme phone anxiety, I feel this meme to the core of my being. I’ll literally do whatever I can to avoid making a phone call, including waiting on live chat or for a return email for hours or days.

34. Change of Subject Cat

We’ve all been there. But what’s worse is when you finally open up about something you’re passionate about or proud of, and someone interrupts you partway through your spiel, forcing the conversation to switch topics, and you just slowly fade yourself out so no one notices you were still talking.

35. Untrusting Kitty

“Living the dream” is always my go-to response when people ask how life’s going, and I don’t feel like delving deep into my trauma and the complexities of my emotions.

36. Trying Not to Cry Kitty

It really do be like this sometimes.

37. Sensitive Emotional Kitty

And I’ll probably cry myself to sleep over it for the next two or three weeks, minimum.

38. Existential Crisis Cat

I’m a what, now? This cat has just had its entire life turned upside down.

39. Too Real Cousin

I mean, to be fair, we all have calculators in our pockets now, so doing well in math class isn’t as high of a priority now as it was when I was a kid.

40. Clothes Not Fitting

Ladies, we’ve all been there, right? One French fry is too many, and my pants won’t fit me properly for a week.

41. Emo Myspace Kitty

The mid-2000s were really something else. It truly was a “you-had-to-be-there” kind of thing to understand the hold that emo music and Myspace had on all of us.

42. Millennial Kitty

Remember how we were so excited to grow up, become adults, and finally have money to spend on the things our parents wouldn’t let us buy? Yeah…about that…

43. Sensitive Movie Watcher

This is why I always pause the movie and go to the second I see there’s an animal in any film I’m watching. I still haven’t recovered from 2007’s I Am Legend yet.

44. Too Real Cat

I’m glad my Netflix just keeps playing continuously now instead of assuming I have some sort of social life or other tasks to attend to during my Netflix binges.

45. Fast Internet

*Actively ignores the 47 tabs I have open while complaining incessantly about the speed of my Internet and computer.*

46. Cat Does Care

As it turns out, I do care, after all.

47. No Internet Kitty

It’s okay, kitty; we’ve all felt the same way when the Internet conks out on us. Why does it always happen at the most inopportune times, too?

48. Intergenerational Trauma

If this crying cat meme isn’t simultaneously wholesome as heck, I’m not sure what is. It’s comforting to know you have friends who can understand your hardships and what you’ve lived through.

49. You Did This to Yourself

There’s something oddly cathartic about a good cry, isn’t there?

50. Bread Tears

As a Millennial, I don’t exactly understand this meme, but I also don’t not understand it somehow?

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We hope our round-up of the top Crying Cat memes brought you some laughter today. Life can be tough at times, but if you can’t laugh at it or yourself, then you’ll find it’s even tougher. Lucky for our generation, there’s a perfect meme for every occasion. Be sure to check out some of our other funny cat meme blogs for more laughter.

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